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    Mesh Ruin Your Health?

    The FDA has revised its warning of associated health risks of using mesh products commonly used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence repair. Surgical mesh implant erosion may be responsible for side effects including: severe pain, excessive bleeding, organ perforation, bloating and pain during intercourse. If you had any of the the treatments below and suffered complications you need an attorney now.

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    F.D.A Issues Safety Advisory Alert

    Transvaginal surgical mesh was used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence in the U.S. since 1996. The surgical mesh, however, came under fire in October 2008 and again in February 2009, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued Public Health Notifications regarding the use of transvaginal mesh in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Their notice covers products produced by nine different medical device manufacturers.

    In addition to the initial warnings, the FDA once again revised their safety alert in July 2011, stating that significant health issues have been associated with the use of these tissue repair products. This update comes after the FDA has collected thousands of reports and grievances in connection with injuries sustained following their use.

    The 2011 alert was a much stronger admonition against the use of these devices when compared with the initial 2008 alert. In the three years between the two alerts they have collected nearly 3000 claims from patients who have suffered adverse effects from the use of the surgical mesh. The FDA is now closely monitoring the safety and effectiveness of transvaginal surgical mesh (FDA Alert). It has required manufacturers to conduct extensive investigations into the safety of the product and the possibility of severe health complications.

    Estimates are that surgical mesh was employed in over 100,000 cases in 2010 alone, with 75 percent of these cases involving vaginal implantation.


    Complications & Side Effects

    Not every patient will experience side effects after having a transvaginal mesh implant. That being said, when negative side effects do occur they can be particularly painful and nasty. Some of the documented side effects of transvaginal mesh implantation include:

    • excessive bleeding
    • chronic back pain
    • bloating
    • pain during intercourse
    • mesh erosion
    • infection
    • organ perforation
    • urinary problems

    In addition to the side effects, it should be noted that removing implanted mesh can be very difficult as tissue grows around the mesh after it has been implanted.

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    Why Was Surgical Mesh FDA Approved In The First Place?

    • Because so many new drugs and medical devices are submitted each year for FDA approval, there are many cases where extensive research data is not available prior to approval. Manufacturers can present evidence of similarities in their products to other products which have already been approved for use to get approval for the new products.
    • This process was used to gain approval for surgical mesh products in the treatment of urinary incontinence in 1996, and then later in 2002 to gain approval for the use in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP). It should also be noted that the FDA has 3 categories of products, with mesh products falling into the Category II classification. As such, they were not subjected to rigorous research and testing prior to approval.
    • You may not have been adequately warned of the very dangerous side effects that are allegedly associated with these products. Our mesh lawsuit attorneys are standing by to help you file a claim, and you may be entitled to significant compensation, money which can help with medical bills and recovery.
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    We understand that complications that may have been caused by your mesh procedure can be embarrassing and sensitive in nature. When you get your case review, it is entirely confidential and secure.

    Our experienced female attorneys, including a former ICU nurse, understand and are familiar with the sensitive health problems that can result.

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    We want you to be as comfortable as possible, confident, and assured that the details of your injuries are handled with the seriousness they deserve. Get your case review today and stop your needs being ignored.

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    What to Do If You've Had Repair Surgery

    The FDA is currently recommending that any person with pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence consult their physician to explore ALL possible treatment options prior to agreeing to a transvaginal patch implant. Should you choose to use a mesh repair system, it is crucial that you keep any scheduled post surgery visits, as well as staying on top of recommended follow up procedures. If you experience any negative side effects, contact your surgeon immediately to discuss possibilities.

    If you have had the procedure and are experiencing problems, it is vital you contact one of our top trial lawyers immediately. There is a limited time that you can file a claim based on the statute of limitations, it is crucial that you act now before it is too late. A lawsuit may entitle you to significant compensation that can help with medical bills as well as with the costs of recovery from your injuries. Attorney representation will ensure your needs stop being ignored and your health gets the attention it deserves.

    Legal help cannot replace the time lost to the pain and suffering caused by your injuries. However, compensation can help you in the road to recovering the quality of life you lost. Join the fight to hold the people responsible for the pain, embarrassment, and injuries you have been through. Get your confidential legal review now.


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