Lawyers for Bad Drug Lawsuits: Everything You Need To Know About Taking Action Over Adverse Effects

Taking Legal Action Against Dangerous Drug Companies

Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to deliver safe products and warn of potential risks. The final line of defense for people injured by drugs seeking justice is the court system and taking legal action in search of justice. When bad drugs make it to market filing a lawsuit with a lawyer gives consumers a means of fighting back and raising their voice in defense of safety issues.

Make no mistake, Big Pharma has ways to avoid liability and teams of lawyers to fight to reduce settlement obligations when they make mistakes.

Know your rights, when you are eligible to make a claim and know how to counter their efforts to avoid responsibility. After serious injury or even death, filing a lawsuit with a lawyer is about more than just seeking remedy. It's about justice.

Knowing your legal rights, and what remedies the law provides in normal cases may be enough...


You can expect Big Pharma to use every legal trick available avoid liability when so much is at stake.

Your legal team needs to be up to the fight.

Your product liability attorneys need to be able to evaluate the strength of your claims. Draft an effective complaint, handle the details of your case if it goes to trial, adapt to unexpected developments in court, and win a verdict. Post-trial you may need to deal with appeals, possibly settle, and fight to see the plaintiff gets paid.

The Lawsuit Process

Product liability claims can be very complex and you and cases may take years to resolve. In some cases litigation has already begun, and been consolidated into an Multi-district-litigation (MDL) which your claim can be added to. The severity of your injuries and the strength of your claim will need to be evaluated by your liability attorney. In pursuit of compensation, you need a team prepared to take your case all the way to a jury trial in court if necessary to get you the justice you deserve.

Let's hope you get a quick settlement payout to help with your recovery, but be ready to fight...

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When Can You File A Lawsuit?

Marketing Defects: Pharmaceutical companies have an obligation to warn consumers about the adverse effects associated with the use of their drugs. Failure-to-warn claims against drug manufacturers are commonly filed by attorneys in an effort to protect consumers. When products are not accompanied by sufficient warnings, have side effects not made public, or are labeled improperly - may give people injured by complications a means of seeking legal compensation.

Safety & Design Defects: In some cases, design or manufacturing can lead to unsafe defects in the products which can cause harm. Defects in the manufacturing process which lead to injury may allow plaintiffs to seek remedy for their injuries. Big Pharma has a reasonable expectation to provide safe products. Product liability claims can help you seek compensation if you suffered injuries after taking a faulty product.

Your product liability lawyer will be able to help evaluate the merits of your claim, and whether a settlement may be available.

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Is The FDA Failing Consumers?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible for setting health standards, standards of quality, and regulating the marketing and use of pharmaceuticals. While they provide the first line of defense in consumer safety, a number of high profile fraud and major adverse effects cases have raised eyebrows in recent years.

Find Out If You Are Eligible For A Settlement

Product liability laws can vary, if you or someone you loved suffered an injury or died after taking a bad drug - share what happened with an attorney who can review the merits of your claim.


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