How to File a Lawsuit to Obtain Compensation AND Justice: Building a Bulletproof Case With The RIGHT Attorney


    Taking Legal Action...

    When you have been harmed, or your rights have been violated, you may have grounds to seek financial compensation through a civil suit. The information below cover what you can expect from a legal claim and how attorney fees work.

    If you have a potential lawsuit claim, share the details of what happened to receive an initial consultation and provide your possible recovery options under the law:

    • Your claim options explained clearly & simply
    • Be treated with dignity & respect you deserve
    • Ensure your needs aren't ignored

    Potential Lawsuit Claim? Find Out If You Have A Case

    When you send us a request for a case evaluation, an attorney will evaluate the facts in your case and make a determination regarding your potential eligibility for compensation. Your claim will be evaluated to determine possible negligence and potential liability.

    Every case is unique, and local state and federal laws may impact your ability to claim recovery or effect the litigation process.

    Each case has unique needs, you deserve a lawyer well versed with how existing laws may impact your recovery options. If you were involved in an auto accident and were injured, an experienced personal injury lawyer with a successful history handling wrecks and injury claims is most appropriate.

    Let the details of your case determine what type of lawyer would be best. If a loved one was killed, you would be best served by a wrongful death lawyer with a proven record of success.

    Law firm's often have experts in different practice areas who can be consulted when matters of law are impacted by their field.

    Your lawyer will be able to answer any questions you may have about the claims process and what you can expect if you choose to take legal action.

    It's worth noting, frivolous lawsuits will not be considered. A law office is under no obligation to take your case. If your case qualifies and it has merit from a legal perspective, your options will be laid out clearly and simply so YOU may decide what the best option for you and your family might be.

    In some cases, additional information may be requested or further review is needed before your attorney can make a determination. If this is the case, your legal team will get back to you as quick as reasonably possible.

    attorney fees

    Free Legal Advice: No-Win No-Fee Lawyers

    Should you make the decision to move forward with your claim (after the initial consultation) an attorney/client relationship will be established between your attorney and you. Your initial claim review costs nothing, and you are under no obligation to work with the law office who providing it.

    If for any reason you don't feel comfortable, or it didn't click, that's OK, you are free to discuss your options with other attorneys.

    Lawyer Fees

    Attorneys who handle cases unlikely to result in a settlement or compensation can ask for a set rate or hourly rate for representation. Practice areas include:

    • Bankruptcy Representation
    • Family Law
    • Immigration
    • Criminal Lawyers
    • DUI defense
    • Traffic
    • To Name Just A Few...

    A reputable law firm will always clearly explain their fee structure up-front so there are no surprises. Additionally, at we feel the initial consultation should always be free,

    Contingency Lawyers

    When your claim has the potential for financial recovery, your law firm may be willing to represent you on contingency. You can commonly expect contingent legal services include:

    In such cases, you essentially get free legal advice for the duration of your case. All the resources of the law firm will be put to work on your behalf, and you pay nothing out of pocket - unless you win recovery.

    The attorney fees are paid out of any financial settlement or award won on your behalf. If you don't win, you pay nothing. In other words, your lawyer getting paid is contingent on their recovering compensation for you.

    If you do choose to take legal action, your attorney will then send you a contingency fee retainer agreement to review. You must agree to the contract and sign it then return it to the attorney’s office before he can start representing you. They will bear the costs of fighting your case (hiring expert witnesses, travelling to court, and other costs which may arise...)

    A contingency lawyer should make it clear that there are no costs and no fees to be paid out of your pocket unless the attorney can secure a financial settlement for you. Please read your fee agreement carefully and be sure you understand clearly before signing. Don't be afraid to ask questions, your attorneys are here to HELP, and SERVE you.

    This type of contingency agreement allows you to have the very best in legal representation without any onerous out-of-pocket expenses.

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    The Next Steps: Filing & Fighting Your Claim

    Once the attorney receives the signed agreement, they will document your claim and begin to pursue it with the appropriate courts.

    Initial steps will be to file the claim in the court system, and / or attempt to secure a fair and equitable settlement from the defendant in the potential lawsuit. A negotiated settlement can often mean a swift recovery without waiting for your case to make it through the court system. Defendants' are often willing to settle out of court when liability is clear.

    In some cases, your lawyer will be able to secure a settlement at that point without requiring extended litigation.

    If he cannot secure a fair settlement, you need an attorney unafraid to go to trial and fight on your behalf in the court system.

    Your attorney may need to hire expert witnesses to support your claims, may collect onsite witnesses in support of your case. Additionally, local lawyers and other legal experts may be retained to provide counsel and support. The details and applicable laws will determine what your legal team will require. These experts are brought in to help document your claim and to establish iron-clad liability of the defendant in your case. The best trial attorneys know, if a case goes to court, you don't want to leave any room for doubt when establishing liability in your suit.

    You deserve legal counsel that cares about your recovery in and out of court. Don't settle for less than you deserve. Your attorneys work for you, and should be accountable to you.

    Once the attorney has begun to represent you and pursue your claim, the exact timing and steps involved will be unique to your case. Your attorney should be accessible and keep you in the loop.

    Your law office should keep you informed of the status of the claim during the entire course of representation and treat you with the respect & dignity you deserve at every step.

    Your legal team is there to support you - lean on them and get the help you need.

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    A Successful Legal Claim: When Compensation Matters...

    Justice matters. When you have been injured, a successful injury claim and the financial compensation it can result in can have a life-long impact for you and your family. Holding the responsible accountable matters. Your attorney should vigorously care about your recovery and the success of your case. Great litigators know winning can dramatically change your life, and fight passionately to secure it for you.

    A successful civil lawsuit can result in a large settlement, justice and life-changing recovery. Taking legal action can't turn back the clock and undo what happened, but it may be able to provide a sense of closure and financial relief.

    If you are offered a settlement, your lawyer will discuss the offer in detail with you so you can consider what's best for you and your family. The decision to accept or deny a settlement is entirely yours.

    If you accept a settlement offer or the court comes to a verdict in the case, the attorney will provide you with the full details of disbursement for funds won. You may receive a lump sum, a structured settlement, an insurance check or other form of recovery depending on your case. The detailed breakdown will include any lawyer fees and costs associated with representation as well as an explanation of how the remaining funds will be disbursed to you.

    If at any time during the process you have questions, your attorney will always be available to answer them.

    From the initial case evaluation right up to receiving a disbursement check for a settlement, your legal team is there to make the entire process transparent and clearly understood.

    Your lawyer works for you and you can expect them to fight for the maximum compensation you may be entitled and a swift recovery on your behalf.

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    Get Your Free Claim Review Now

    When you request a case review from one of our attorneys there is no charge.

    The case review also does not obligate you in any way to form an attorney/client relationship.

    The case review is simply a means for you to get additional information about your legal options and the possibility of pursuing financial compensation for your claim.

    Once you have more detailed information you are free to decide if you wish to pursue the case further.

    Claim your free, no-obligation case review now. Share the details of your potential lawsuit and get the answers you seek.


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