Zofran Litigation: Mothers Pursuing Legal Action Over Severe Baby Birth Defects After Taking While Pregnant


    Was Your Baby Harmed?

    Recent study has revealed taking Zofran (ondansetron) while pregnant may increase the risk for baby birth defects by as much as 34%. Our attorneys are investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of mothers prescribed the medication during pregnancy.

    If your baby suffered harm you believe may have been caused by the anti-nausea drug, you may be entitled to compensation. Share the details of your potential Zofran lawsuit for a no-obligation legal review today.

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    Zofran Birth Defects Litigation

    GlaxoSmithKline LLC, the maker of Zofran, is already facing a number of lawsuits (almost 200 and growing) from plaintiffs suing, alleging birth defects and other health complications suffered and problems. Our Zofran lawyers are investigating potential claims from mothers and families whose children suffered serious side effects which may have been caused by the drug.

    A 2013 Ondansetron study of over 600,000 pregnancies conducted in Denmark did not find an increased risk for problems in children exposed during pregnancy (New England Journal of Medicine). However subsequent medical studies published did in fact find an increased risk for adverse effects to infants exposed to the drug.

    Recent studies have uncovered serious risks to the fetus when taken during the first trimester.

    • 62% Increased Risk for Heart Defects (NCBI)
    • 2X Risk for "Hole in Heart" defects (NCBI)
    • 2X Risk for Cleft Palette (NCBI)
    • Just to name a few...

    Prenatal use of the medication is being investigated for possible links to a number of health problems: craniofacial defects, heart problems, murmurs, or other serious cardiovascular defects.


    zofran lawsuit complaint


    Two women suing claim child injuries suffered due to prenatal exposure include a complaint claiming deformation injuries in her two children and a second complaint attributing congenital heart defects and other serious complications to her daughter - according to the lawsuit court documents. (Case 1:15-cv-10429) (Case 2:15-cv-00709-PD)

    The Zofran lawyers for the plaintiffs also argue GSK marketed the drug "off label" when marketing it as a treatment for nausea and vomiting (morning sickness) in pregnant women, and court documents allege GSK did this despite having knowledge such representations were false, having never undertaken a study of the effects to children in utero.

    In 2012, a GlaxoSmithKline settlement with the government resolved civil liability for it's alleged promotion of the drug for off-label treatments.

    However, women who delivered children with birth defects were not included in the government's settlement and may be eligible to file a Zofran law suit claim in pursuit of financial recovery.

    To find out if your family is eligible to take legal action, share the details of what happened to have your case reviewed by our dangerous drug lawyer today.


    zofran birth defects and injuries

    Zofran Birth Defects

    Newborns who suffer such injuries can expect to experience pain, developmental challenges, may require surgical treatment for injuries and expensive medical bills for ongoing treatment. Expectant mothers

    Alleged Cardiatric Defects Include:

    • Atrial Septal Defects
    • Ventricular Septal Defects
    • Heart Murmurs
    • Serious Cardiovascular & Other Life Threatening Defects
    • "Hole-in-Heart" Defects

    Alleged Craniofacial Defects Include:

    • Cleft Lip
    • Cleft Pallet
    • Club foot
    • Craniosynostosis (Skull Defects)

    Alleged Organ Defects:

    • Kidney Malformations

    Share the details of your birth defects your child suffered with our Zofran lawyer to find out what legal options may be available for your family and to learn your legal rights. You may be eligible for significant compensation over the injuries your child suffered.

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    nausea zofran and birth defects

    $3 Billion GlaxoSmithKline DOJ Fraud Case

    The anti-nausea drug is typically used for patients being treated for cancer with chemotherapy to help with nausea or to reduce vomiting caused by surgical procedures. Unfortunately, recent lawsuit claims filed allege children born with birth defects were caused by their prenatal exposure to Zofran according to court documents.

    In 2012 GlaxoSmithKline entered settlement negotiations with the U.S. Dept. of Justice over illegal marketing practices of pharmaceutical drugs in their portfolio, including Zofran. Never intended for pregnant women, the drug was marketed "off label" when promoted to doctors to prescribe for morning sickness. In 2013 they agreed to pay $2 billion to settle civil liabilities in the landmark litigation and pleaded guilty to three-counts of criminal behavior which included a $1 billion payment.

    In 2015, individual Zofran lawsuits (nearly 200 according to court documents) alleging baby birth defects caused by exposure to the drug were consolidated into a multi-district-litigation (MDL 2657). Families affected by Zofran side effects still have time to add their claims to the pending Zofran litigation at this time.

    The Zofran lawsuit includes mothers who may not have been adequately warned of the risks to their fetus when they were given the medication to combat their nausea, whose children were delivered with birth defects. Related: A Zofran class action lawsuit has been filed in Canada.

    To find out if you qualify to join the pending Zofran litigation, share the details of your case with the form above to have your case reviewed and get your options.

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    Zofran Lawsuit Settlements

    If Glaxo failed in its legal responsibilities to the unborn and their families, a successful lawsuit claim may help make them pay. Adding your claim to the pending litigation may result in your being able to claim a significant settlement because of what your family has been forced to endure.

    If your child suffered a deformity, defect, or complication you believe to have been caused by Zofran, you should share what happened with our experienced birth defect lawyers immediately.

    Discussing the details of your Zofran pregnancy lawsuit case with our drug injury attorney will help determine if you qualify to join the pending MDL, or whether an filing an individual lawsuit may be called for.

    The accusations against the drugmaker are very serious, and our legal analyst predicts current litigation will result in a large settlement being reached. We'll update you here with any Zofran lawsuit settlement amounts as they are announced.

    Zofran Lawsuit Settlement Amounts:

    • MDL 2657: Litigation Pending

    Find out if you have a potential Ordansetron lawsuit claim today. You can get your legal options, and are under no obligation to sue if you qualify. If you are uncomfortable discussing the details, that's ok, share what you can, what feels right until you are 100% confident and ready to do so.

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    side effects and risks to mothers

    Risks To Women Taking Zofran (Ordansetron)?

    Side effect complaints of health complications directly affecting the mother have recently surfaced in a number of women in Canada reporting complications.

    Potential Side Effects to Women Taking Ondansetron Include:

    • Shortness of Breath
    • Dizziness
    • Irregular Heartbeat
    • Body Swelling & Bloating
    • Skin Problems: Rashes, hives, itching

    Health studies continue to investigate the potential risks associated with Ondansetron use to both mother and fetus. We'll keep you updated with the latest research studies as they become available here.

    If you are concerned about the potential risks, and would like more information, share what you have experienced and your questions with our Zofran attorneys to get the answers you seek.

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    Your Zofran Lawyer

    If your child suffered injuries that you believe resulted from taking Zofran during your pregnancy you may be entitled to compensation for suffering, and a lifetime of complications.

    Your family deserves the best Zofran lawyer, one who cares about your child's recovery and understands what's at stake.

    Great birth defect attorneys know it's not just about winning a large settlement or jury award. When your child was harmed, justice matters. Holding the responsible, accountable -- matters.

    Your legal advocate won't be able to undo what happened. However, a successful lawsuit CAN attempt to secure financial compensation to relieve the burden of medical costs and proper treatment. Winning your case can provide some measure of justice over what happened.

    Your Zofran attorney can help ensure your newborn's suffering is not ignored, and that your family's needs are met. There is no injury as outrageous as that suffered by a child, you need not stand for it.

    Share the details of what happened using the form below, and an experienced attorney will review your potential Zofran lawsuit claims.

    You are under no obligation, and the initial consultation is free. If you don't feel 100% comfortable after speaking with your attorney, that is OK. You need not take legal action unless it is the best choice for you and your family.

    If you do choose to file a claim, you pay nothing out of pocket unless you win compensation. If you don't win, you don't pay. It's as simple as that.

    Share what happened below to have your case reviewed now. Get the answers you seek, get the justice you deserve.


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