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    Devastating, Disabling...

    Damage to your spine can be devastating and disabling, resulting in lifelong consequence. If you or someone in your family injured, your spinal cord injury lawyer may make all the difference in your legal pursuit of recovery.

    Whether hurt in a car accident or at work, you need a law firm who fully understands the damage done to you and your family – you need someone who cares about your recovery and has a proven track record of successful litigation. Share what happened now

    • Learn how a successful lawsuit may be able to help
    • Ensure your treatment & health needs aren't ignored
    • Be treated with the dignity & respect you deserve
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    See The Leading Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries [Data Snapshot]


    • There are currently an estimated 270,000 people living in the United States with spinal injuries
    • An estimated 12,000 new spine injury cases occur each year
    • Alcohol is a factor in 25 percent of all spine injuries
    • The most common cause for spinal cord injuries is automobile accidents (39.2%), followed by falls (28.3%), violence (14.6%), and sports injuries (8.2%)

    Share what happened using the case review form in order to learn your legal recovery options. Our spinal cord injury attorneys are standing-by, ready to answer your questions and clearly lay out what compensation options you may have.

    (Source: NSCISC)

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    Spinal Cord Injury Treatment & Recovery

    Spine injuries can be heartbreaking for both the victim and their family - with a devastating lifelong impact. They can result in a lifetime of disability, loss of work, mobility problems and other complications to both the victim and their family.

    Even though modern medicine has found and continues to develop new spine injury treatment options, they are still largely unable to reverse the damage.

    Unless the damage to the nerves is minimal, in which case some people have been known to make a partial recovery -- so they can walk with assistance and have some basic motor functions. The devastating, life altering impact is intimately understood by your spine injury lawyer, and is why successful litigation of your compensation claims is vital.

    Spine injury symptoms can include:

    • Pressure that feels as if it is building in the back, head, or neck
    • Excruciating back pain
    • Dizziness
    • Sudden loss of consciousness
    • Loss of feeling in extremities
    • Loss of bladder or bowel control
    • Extreme clumsiness or weakness, or loss of movement in any body part
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Torso or neck positioned unnaturally

    The unfortunate truth is the vast majority of spinal injuries cause permanent disability and in many cases result in complete immobility for life. A successful lawsuit will help relieve the financial burdens faced for proper treatment.

    The spinal column itself is made up of 31 different bones, known as vertebrae. These are broken down into 5 regions of bones, from top to bottom as follows: cervical vertebrae (7), thoracic vertebrae (12), lumbar vertebrae (5), sacral vertebrae (5), and fused coccygeal vertebrae (2).

    In most cases the patient experiences a total loss of sensation below the point of the injured vertebrae (paralysis). Cervical spine injury symptoms can include full quadriplegia, weakness in the arms and legs, and paralysis of lower or upper limbs. Lumbar spine injuries can result in a paralysis of the lower extremities (paraplegia) and with injuries higher on the spinal column a paralysis of both the arms and legs can occur (quadriplegia or tetraplegia) depending on the extent of damage.

    These injuries can leave victims paralyzed and disabled for life, and an injury being caused by the negligence of another only compounds the injustice.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), estimates that between 12,000 and 20,000 new cases of spinal column injuries occur each year. In 82 percent of these cases the victim is a male. Filing a spinal cord lawsuit can't turn back time and reverse what happened, but it can help hold those responsible accountable and help relieve financial burdens. Your spinal cord injury attorney will be able to simply explain your compensation options under the law and help ensure your health needs aren't ignored.

    This spinal column is the location of the spinal cord, a collection of nerves that extends downward from the brain and branching out peripherally as it travels down the spinal column. Spinal stenosis occurs when these nerves leave the spinal cord because of pressure caused by a narrowing of the spinal column. These nerves are responsible for transmitting information and impulses from the brain to every part of the body. When the spinal column is damaged there is always a chance that the nerves can also be affected, causing temporary or permanent neurological damage.

    Our attorneys have a history of successfully litigating on behalf of clients who have suffered spinal stenosis and cord injuries. Share what happened now to learn your legal options from a legal advocate with a proven record helping clients just like you.

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    Spinal Injury Compensation Options

    No other bodily harm has such widespread impact as damage to the spine. The best trial lawyers know, a large spine injury settlement is vital the victim and families affected. Compensation resulting from successful litigation is desperately needed to offset the lifelong costs of long term disability and care. Winning your suit matters... Financial recovery and the relief it can provide matters...

    Holding those responsible accountable for what you experienced matters..

    Injury to the spinal cord can affect any part of the body from the musculoskeletal to the respiratory, urinary, and even the gastrointestinal system. Long-term side-effects of spinal cord injuries are numerous and include psychological effects such as anxiety and depression. The costs for care and proper treatment can be tremendous, you deserve compensation commensurate.

    These injuries are among the most difficult types of injuries for patients and their families to deal with. In conjunction with an experienced brain injury lawyer, your legal team will need to lay out the evidence of your injuries (physical as well as psychological and emotional) and build the case to recover compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain suffered and other damages.

    Victims commonly experience major disruptions to the body's functioning. Your lawyers can help you pursue recovery for a lifetime of lost earning capacity, emotional pain and suffering. Paralysis, muscle spasms and loss of daily functionality should be considered when pursuing lawful recovery. A negotiated spine injury settlement can result in rapid recovery and swift justice without a prolonged court battle.

    A victim may have decades of expensive treatments being required. Your lawyer should be willing and unafraid to vigorously pursue maximum compensation under the tort laws on your behalf.

    You deserve the best litigator fighting to claim recovery on your behalf.

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    Spinal Injury Lawsuit Process (Walkthrough)

    As of February 2012, first year average costs for treatment in spine injury cases ranged from $334,170 to $1,023,924.

    Average costs for each successive year after the first year ranged from $40,589 to $177,808.

    When your injury was the result of another's negligence, you shouldn't have to pay a dime for proper rehabilitation and medical treatment. Filing a spinal cord injury lawsuit claim is your means of pursuing recovery to ensure your financial needs are met.

    Note that these figures only include the costs related to health care and living expenses and do not factor in any loss of wages. Your attorney gather the evidence, investigating the accident which led to your getting hurt. Top-rated experts will be gathered to help support your claims and establish the liability and negligence of those responsible for what happened.

    In some cases, your law firm may need to negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies in pursuit of a settlement. Other cases require going to court in pursuit of your rightful recovery. You need a team who cares about your recovery, with a proven record of successful litigation, unafraid to fight in court on your behalf if necessary.

    Your legal action deserves the best, a team willing to persistently and relentlessly pursue your claim with intensity. Share the details of your case now, see how our award-winning attorneys can make a difference when it matters most.

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    Your Spinal Cord Injury Attorney for Spinal Stenosis & Paralysis Legal Claims

    If you or someone you love has been paralyzed, or suffered spinal stenosis injuries, contact our spinal cord injury attorneys now to learn your legal recovery options. Share what happened for a no cost initial consultation. You are under no obligation to file a lawsuit claim with our attorneys, simply get answers to the questions you seek and learn your legal options.

    See if it feels right. Your lawyer works for you. If you aren't confident they are the exact team you want in your corner, or if it simply doesn't feel like a good fit, that's OK.

    If you choose to take legal action, you pay nothing out of pocket. Your law firm will represent you on contingency, meaning you pay no attorney fees unless you win recovery. If you don't win compensation, you pay nothing.

    You need a spinal cord injury lawyer who is accountable to you and who cares about your recovery. The best trial attorneys know its about more than just large settlements and winning in court, justice matters for the damage done to those you love. Your legal team is their to support you -- to help you and your family rebuild and recover both in and out of court.

    Don't wait to seek legal representation if you have been hurt. Don't be fooled by insurance companies making a quick settlement offer for less than you may rightfully deserve. Learn your claim options now.


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