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    Childbirth injuries can have devastating physical, emotional, and lifelong financial consequences to your family, if it was preventable or caused by malpractice, the tragedy is compounded. Don't stand for incompetence. Share what happened with our award-winning birth injury attorneys who are standing-by to help your family with your legal options:

    • Learn your financial compensation options
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    Birth Injury Law

    Any time there are circumstances in which an infant suffers injuries during the delivery process or due to improper prenatal care parents may be able to file a claim. Your medical malpractice attorney can pursue a lawsuit on your behalf against the healthcare personnel who may have caused the complications. There are a multitude of causes that may have brought harm to your newborn, from unclean conditions, hospital negligence, or just plain incompetence on the part of the nursing, doctors, midwife or other care providers involved.

    If you feel your child suffered cerebral palsy or was injured due to the improper administrations of your delivery team, you may have a case, and you may be entitled to significant compensation resulting from a settlement or court verdict if your suit is successful that can help with your child's lifelong healthcare costs, corrective procedures, and care.

    If your care was substandard, below the the standard of care expected, suing the responsible parties can help prevent the same harm from happening to another child - your injury lawyer fights on your behalf to hold them responsible for the suffering of your baby. The best birth injury lawyers know, your case is about more than just million dollar settlements and court verdicts - achieving justice matters when your precious child was hurt and it could have been prevented.

    Experienced in medical malpractice lawsuits, our compassionate birth trauma lawyers will help get you the answers you seek and clearly lay out your legal options. Share the details of your case today.


    Most Common Types of Birth Trauma Nationwide...

    Trauma suffered during delivery is a leading cause for injuries suffered. There are numerous reasons why delivery injuries occur, here are the top four:

    • Improper use of forceps: Physicians can often use forceps to assist in the delivery of an infant when the mother is having problems delivering on her own. A birth trauma lawyer sees the devastating effects of improper forcep use all too commonly. Forceps use decreases the risk of fetal distress and oxygen deprivation; however, improper use can cause nerve damage to the chest and neck as well as less severe head injuries.
    • Improper vacuum use: Another assistive method for delivery is the use of a vacuum device. These vacuums are typically attached to the baby's shoulder or skull, but improper usage of the vacuum can lead to injuries for both the infant and the mother.
    • Delayed Caesarian section: When an infant is suffering from fetal distress the medical professional in charge of the delivery may order an emergency Caesarian section. The C-section is often ordered when the infant's heart rate drops, or if the mother is having excessive bleeding or other delivery issues. In cases where a delivery team fails to recognize a situation calling for an emergency C-section, birth injuries may occur to both the child and the mother. In such a situation, the delivery team may be held responsible for the injuries by your birth injury attorney.
    • Hypoxia: This is a condition in which the infant does not receive enough oxygen to their brain. Causes of Hypoxia include a tangled umbilical cord as well as damage to or infection of the placenta. Physicians are trained to recognize the signs of hypoxia and if they fail to detect the condition and remove the risk, they may be held responsible for any traumatic brain injuries or damage that occur as a result. When not treated in a timely manner, hypoxia can lead to severe physical and mental defects.

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    Birth Injury Cases: Who Was Responsible?

    A large range of situations and factors can result in injuries to the baby during delivery and it can be difficult to determine if your medical care team could have prevented, or were responsible for the problems your child suffered. Ultimately, a skilled personal injury law firm is experienced in ferreting out the truth and getting answers during their investigation.

    If there is any question of medical negligence during a birth, even if you are uncertain, get your free legal case review from our birth injury lawyer, your case may or may not qualify, and you are under no obligation to file a law suit.

    Other incidents of medical negligence during pregnancy can include:

    • Improper use of the labor inducing drug Pitocin
    • Failing to perform specialized tests during pregnancy
    • Failure to diagnose and treat infection, placenta abruption or previa, umbilical cord entrapment, premature rupture of the membranes
    • Failure to refer high-risk patients to specialists
    • Failure to recognize and address changes in the condition of the fetus

    Our injury lawyers (who have recovered millions on behalf of their clients) are experienced in exactly these types of cases and can investigate the medical records from the delivery and be able to consult experts to determine if medical malpractice was indeed a factor in your child's health problems.

    Additionally, in cases you suspect the hospital or doctor may be hiding their responsibility, our legal team aren't afraid to fight them in court in an effort to uncover the truth and hold them accountable. Share what happened to your baby and find out if you have a case today.

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    Birth Injury Lawsuit Settlements? I Demand Justice...

    In cases where negligence during the delivery or prenatal care was a factor, as the family you may be entitled to financial child birth injury lawsuit compensation if your case is successful. Financial recovery translates into money that can prove vital to meeting the ongoing medical care needs of your child.

    This compensation is provided to offset losses caused by the medical team's negligence, provide recovery for pain and suffering, and in some cases punish (punitive) those responsible. The birth injury law firm representing you will lay out your unique legal options, clearly and simply, so you can easily decide what is in the best interest for your family.

    Lawsuit damages can cover both tangible losses such as medical expenses as well as intangible costs that include a decreased quality of life.

    Compensation may include, but is not limited to:

    • Medical expenses (past, current and future)
    • Other healthcare costs (in home care, special vehicles and home modifications, occupational therapy)
    • Lost parental wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of enjoyment in life
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    Your Legal Options (Pay Nothing Out of Pocket)...

    When your child has been hurt, possibly by the negligence or the incompetence of the very professionals you entrusted to care for your family's future, you deserve answers. Your lawyer will help you demand the justice you deserve.

    We can help you hold those responsible, accountable for their actions. Don't let the malpractice insurers for the hospital or physicians bully you into keeping silent. If your newborn suffered, in a manner you feel was preventable, it is important you do not hesitate, share the details of your case with our birth injury attorneys today.

    State statutes often limit the time you have to sue, it is vital that you contact us today to find out if you have a case. If you qualify, there are no up-front costs, as a contingency law firm your legal team will fight on your behalf with no up-front fees. If don't win recovery, you pay nothing. Isn't it time you had justice working on your side?

    Let our experienced birth-related injury lawyers answer your questions, get your legal options today, help prevent similar harm from being suffered to another and hold the responsible accountable..

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