Truck-Involved Accidents: You Need More Than Just 'The Best' Car Accident   Law Firm

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    Injured in a Wreck?

    If you have been in a truck-related crash, or are a professional driver involved in a wreck while on a run, contact our qualified truck accident lawyer right away, to learn your legal options and to ensure you are treated fairly by the insurance companies.

    If you were injured, our proven attorneys fight on your behalf for your maximum, rightful and rapid compensation options under the law, so you can focus on recovery.

    • Ensure fair treatment by insurance companies
    • Guarantee swift policy fulfillment from insurers
    • Ensure your needs are not ignored

    Semi-Truck Accidents On The Rise

    The trucking industry is vital to the U.S. economy and serves as the lifeblood for commerce. According to the US Department of Transportation Statistics, the industry is responsible for moving 12 million tons of a total of approx 16 million in 2010. This proportion is greater than air, rail and water freight transport combined and constitutes 75% of freight shipped in the US alone.

    That's 52 million tons of freight at a value of $46 billion every single day, moving from point A to point B. The highways can be fraught with danger. Accidents are inevitable, even with the most professional, security conscious drivers, and injuries are an all too common occurrence in the long haul business. Every semi truck accident lawyer knows it only takes a moment of distraction for tragedy to strike.

    Adding to the traffic congestion, truck freight tonnage increased by an astonishing 56% during the period of 1993-2002. This is nearly double the increase for rail freight, while water borne shipping decreased during the same period according to released Department of Transportation DOT Statistics. Federal laws exist mandating safety guidelines, but wrecks are still growing. This rise in freight has created a concurrent growth in revenue. A 2008 report by the American Trucking Association put trucking revenue at greater than $650 billion, representing 5 percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

    While freight needing to be moved by 18-wheelers and other trucks is growing, the available commercial workforce of professional drivers is diminishing and incidences of truck-related accidents has not reduced.

    The same ATA study cites a shortage of 20,000 long haul drivers and projects this number could increase to 110,000 by 2014.

    As pressure mounts to move additional freight, drivers on the roads are being pushed to their limits. Overbooked schedules and lack of adequate sleep are the usual conditions for today's professional truck driver. It's a recipe for disaster which all too commonly leads to roll overs, collisions, and wrecks.

    Its a tough job, and they are deserving of our respect and gratitude, but the stress and lack of sleep may be contributing to the 500,000 trucking-related accidents that occur each year in the U.S.

    shattered glass

    Does It Matter Who Was at Fault in a Crash?

    There are many reasons why a big-rig might be involved in a crash, direct negligence is not a typical cause; indirect causes include fatigue, poor training, unsafe loading etc. can often be to blame. Regardless of who caused the event, after an auto accident, when the insurance companies get involved it is in your best interest to have skilled personal injury representation to provide counsel.

    Contributing factors to a wreck may include other drivers, third parties, repair companies (where poor maintenance or defective vehicle parts or products contributed to an accident), employers and even the State (where road maintenance or signage may have been a causal factor). When you have been in a crash, your accident lawyer will work to investigate the event, help determine who was at fault, review the potential for compensation recovery and prepare your case. It is very important to understand the tort laws and negligence system recognized in your state and how they apply to your accident. Regardless of who hit whom and why, no matter what your insurance policy might state, you deserve to be treated with respect and your concerns addressed.

    The injuries resulting from a trucking-related wrecks are often catastrophic - resulting in devastating economic and non-economic damages to the parties involved. The harm suffered by participants can include physical or mental wounds, ranging from traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, back & spine injuries and emotional trauma. No collision is small to the parties involved, especially when someone gets hurt.

    If you have been involved, find representation with a skilled truck accident lawyer whose legal team has a proven track record of success forcing the insurers to provide compensation and is familiar with the specific legal issues which arise when an accident involves commercial vehicles. Force truck insurance companies to accountability, don't get caught out by the tricks they use to limit liability and what they have to pay.

    Your attorney will be able to ensure you are not bullied by the insurers, and that your needs are not ignored.

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    Trucker Industry Accident Facts

    • Over 80% of all truck accidents are caused by driver error - whether you are liable or the other parties, you need an attorney on your side
    • The ATA maintains that driver fatigue claims in large truck crashes is 'wildly exaggerated' - but the pressure to meet longer routes or shorter deadlines is real
    • Driver training is not always consistent with drivers from many parts of Canada, the many US States and Mexico travelling long distances along highways where the laws can change from one State to the next. This places a heavy responsibility on drivers to understand the traffic laws, highway designs and signage as they make their way across what can easily be a five thousand mile trip each way.
    • Many drivers, regardless of their vehicle, are simply not aware of what constitutes a safe recommended stopping distance. This contributes to a huge number of accidents each year - in fact most readers will probably be involved in a rear-ender or other calamity at some point or another.

    Insurance policy specifics for 18-wheelers and other commercial shipping vehicles can vary, your semi truck accident attorney will help ensure that you seek the maximum compensation and recovery you may be entitled.

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    Truck Accident FAQ: Common Causes of Roadside Wrecks

    Truck accidents have a number of common causes including:

    • Exhaustion and fatigue; alcohol and drug usage; or medical conditions.
    • DUI is a major cause of roadside fatalities
    • Aggressive driving which can lead to road rage and poor decision-making.
    • Insufficient or unsatisfactory driver training.
    • Drivers overburdened by an overloaded schedule and insufficient time allowed to arrive at each destination.
    • Driving in an unsafe manner by speeding, driving aggressively and ignoring the need (and regulations) for sufficient rest, sleep and meal breaks.
    • Commercial drivers may continue to drive despite repeated traffic violations and accidents in their past. In many cases, these drivers should have had their commercial license suspended or revoked but have escaped a ban so far, or simply drive while under a court-ordered ban.
    • Failure to drive appropriately for road or weather conditions such as fog, snow, heavy rain, black ice, etc.
    • Failure to have necessary inspections performed, usually accompanied by a lack of proper maintenance of critical components such as brakes and tires. When repair work has been done, it can be insufficient to render the vehicle safe to operate.
    • Loads in excess of the vehicle's legal capacity or trucks which have been loaded incorrectly leading to balance and handling problems.
    • Unsafe road conditions such as insufficient lighting, trees and shrubbery blocking drivers view, signs which are unclear or confusing, poorly maintained roads and highways, construction areas improperly identified and malfunctioning or broken traffic lights.

    (See Also: Motorcycle Accident Lawyer)

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    Were You Injured In The Collision?

    An injury claim can be filed on behalf of anyone involved in the accident whether you are the truck driver, the driver's assistant, other drivers, road users, pedestrians or bystanders involved in the incident. Your tractor trailer accident attorney will know the claim eligibility requirements unique to commercial vehicle insurance. In addition, there are a number of injuries and circumstances for which the law may entitle you compensation, including;

    • Medical Bills and Expenses for injuries suffered
    • Loss of income resulting from the accident and reduced future ability to work
    • Damage to property, including repair or replacement costs for motor vehicles involved
    • Pain and suffering

    Settlement amounts vary according to the details of a claim. Experienced claim litigators are standing-by to review your case and help answer your questions. They can help negotiate a settlement on your behalf, and aren't afraid of taking your lawsuit to court if it becomes necessary.

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    Crashes Involving Loss of Life

    Losing a loved one in a trucking-related accident is a huge blow to any family and causes a lifetime of damage and loss. The best wrongful death lawyers know, such cases are about more than just large settlements. For those left behind, holding the responsible parties accountable and achieving justice for those who have been taken takes center stage.

    Damages the wrongful death laws typically provide for include:

    • Lost future earnings
    • Medical expenses prior to death
    • Funeral expenses
    • Pain and suffering
    • Companion loss (loss of consortium)

    If you have lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident involving a big-rig or tractor trailer, share the details of your case using the confidential form below to get a free legal consultation from an award-winning truck accident attorney to learn your options from among the nation's best. Get compassionate legal help, the answers you seek and ensure you get treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.

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    How Our 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Can Help You

    A skilled law firm with a proven record helping clients with their injury claims and familiar with the legal nuances of dealing with the truck insurance companies can make all the difference in your case. Your truck accident lawyer will lay out your legal recovery options and simply explain the process of either negotiating a settlement or filing a personal injury lawsuit claim.

    Just as important, your lawyer will make sure your needs aren't ignored, that you are treated fairly, with the respect you deserve. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries, pain & suffering and emotional loss.

    Regardless of who was at fault, you need a dedicated attorney, with a proven track record of winning verdicts and settlements who can put their truck accident law experience to work for you. If you choose to proceed, you pay nothing out of pocket. If you don't win, you pay nothing.

    It is vital you act now and share what happened to claim your legal consultation as the time to file a claim is limited. When it comes to matters of the law, its an unfortunate truth: what you don't know CAN hurt you.

    Simply provide the details of your case using the safe, secure form below and get your no obligation claim review today...


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