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    Legal help with your (SSDI/SSD) SSI or VA benefits claim when your future is at stake, ensures your case is given the best chance of being awarded your rightfully entitled benefits and backpay.

    Share the details of your case with our social security disability attorney to get a free review of your case, and learn how they can help make the difference in your next hearing:

    • Your options clearly & simply explained
    • Next steps to take after getting Social Security Disability Denial Notices
    • Ensure your needs are taken seriously

    SSA Offers Two Disability Benefits Programs

    The Social Security Administration (SSA), has two different programs meant for those who are disabled to receive benefit payments that offset their inability to earn a living by working at a paying job.

    The unique details of your situation will help your disability lawyer determine how best to build your case (to give it the best chance) according to the Social Security rules and regulations.

    Those two programs are as follows:

    • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    SS disability

    Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

    The SSDI program was designed to provide benefits to those who have worked and paid into the Social Security system for a minimum of 40 quarters prior to their becoming disabled. Your SSDI lawyer will know what questions should be asked of your doctor about your injuries which the administrative law judge should know in your hearing to help win your claim.

    When it is determined that an individual is disabled under the SSDI program, that person receives his or her benefits regardless of their personal assets or total family income. However, meeting that determination can be tricky, and disability claims are often disputed. Claimants who are not represented by an SSDI lawyer runs an increased risk of:

    • Improperly preparing their case prior to its going before the ALJ
    • lost opportunity for entitled benefits
    • Missing out on maximum payout opportunities

    Hiring a benefits claim lawyer doesn't guarantee you will be awarded benefits, but when the success of your claim may have lifelong consequences, you should leave nothing to chance.

    To learn more about what recovery opportunities may be available to you, how backpay amounts are determined or what to expect from your ALJ hearing, share the details of your case with our social security disability claims attorney now.

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    ssi income

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

    SSI differs from SSDI in that it is a needs-based program. It is available to any individual to help with basic living expenses, regardless of whether or not they have ever paid into the Social Security system. When determining SSI payments, an individual's personal assets are considered, as is the total income of their family.

    Your supplemental security income lawyer will be able to help build your disability case, by gathering the necessary information from your doctors in order to properly document your needs properly for your ALJ hearing.

    Successful claims can change lives, don't lose the opportunity to claim what is rightfully yours. Share what happened with our SSI attorney who will review your claim and lay out your options.

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    denied claim forms

    Was Your Disability Claim Denied

    A denial notice from the SSA will contain an explanation of the reason for your denial. A majority of claims are denied initially. The best social security disability lawyers know getting benefits is as much about navigating the administration's bureaucracy as being an entitled claimant.

    Following your initial denial, you still have the right to appeal the decision with the Social Security Disability Appeals Council, then by the Federal District Court if necessary.

    Your denial notice will contain a brief description of your medical condition, the records that were considered as part of the decision process, and the impairments that were considered as part of the decision process.

    The denial is likely to contain other jobs you are capable of performing in replacement for your prior employment.

    Some denials also include a technical rationale that gives a detailed description of the decision-making process that went into the denial as well as a discussion of your past jobs and your current residual functional capability.

    If you receive a denial notice that does not contain these items, you can request a copy of your file from the SSA so that you can review the detailed discussion of the reasons for the denial.

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    How to Get Approved for Social Security Disability: After Being Denied

    Just because your initial disability claim was denied does not mean that you are not disabled.

    The fact is that the majority of SSDI and SSI claims are denied the first time around. Either the claimant did not properly build the required documentation in support of their claims, or they failed to meet the Social Security Administration's requirements.

    In some cases this is because the medical evidence provided was insufficient to approve your claim. Having a claims advocate who knows what they are looking for is invaluable when preparing for your upcoming hearing, and can make all the difference when you present your case.

    In no way should you give up because a Social Security disability claim has been denied. In fact, the sooner your initial claim is denied, the sooner you can appeal the decision.

    An appeal means that the SSA will schedule a hearing, giving you another chance to get your disability claim approved. Make it count.

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    Is It Necessary to Hire a SSDI Lawyer?

    When looking at statistics it is easy to see that the majority of SSDI and SSI claims are denied during the initial levels (SSA.gov).

    Due to this initial denial trend, most SSDI and SSI claims will ultimately have a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ) before disability benefits are awarded.

    It is at this hearing level that the services of a SSDI advocate can be of most use.

    While having a Social Security disability attorney is no guarantee that benefits will be awarded, the attorney can be very useful in preparing the proper documentation and presenting the claim in a manner that follows a standard procedure.

    Your disability claims lawyer will know what they will expect to hear, and work to ensure you have built a solid case in support of your claim.

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    Developing A SSDI/SSI Disability Case

    If you are an SSDI or SSI claimant, chances are you have no idea about the rules and regulations that will affect your claim decision, nor are you familiar with the preparation of a SSA disability case.

    Conversely, an attorney who specializes in Social Security Disability cases prepares such claims for a living and likely has experienced hundreds of claimant hearings.

    It is the attorney's responsibility to understand all of the rules and regulations that pertain to your case, even if they were just released and ensure you meet the requirements and avoid the pitfalls which can sink your claim.

    An experienced SSDI/SSI attorney will know what questions to ask your doctor, what documents need to be filed, how to best support your claim, and what the ALJ will likely be looking for based on your medical condition or disabilities.

    You deserve representation who cares about your case and the impact winning entitled benefits can mean to you. The law firm will work on contingency, meaning you pay nothing out of pocket unless you win. If you don't win, you pay nothing. Legal fees are laid out clearly up front, and only paid if they win recovery for you.

    Your lawyer is accountable to you, and should be as concerned about your claim being approved as you are.

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    How Beneficial is Legal Representation?

    Claims and appeals ARE won by those who choose not to hire a an attorney. It's the truth.

    HOWEVER, the odds of winning your claim appeal are dramatically better when you have the aid of an experienced legal counsel.

    You should carefully consider the risks and rewards of disability representation at an SSDI/SSI hearing.

    It can take months to receive your hearing date and the results can have a lifelong impact.

    If you win, you will have to pay a percentage of your back pay award to the attorney, but lawyer fees are capped at $6000 for Social Security cases.

    A disability attorney is by no means required at a state level hearing (though they are required for federal hearings). However, appearing before an ALJ without representation could jeopardize your chances of winning rightful benefits for the rest of your life.

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    Disability Lawyers = More Back Pay

    Even in cases where an unrepresented claimant prevails in their claim, they may not receive the best onset date for their backpay claim.

    The onset date is that date that is determined to be the beginning of your disability and this date will affect the amount of back pay you receive as part of the Social Security award.

    The wrong onset date can mean losing out on a significant amount of available financial award.

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    Get The Help You Need Now

    When you consider the far-reaching impact of the Social Security disability claim, it only makes sense to make your chances of approval as strong as possible.

    Share the details of your case with our Social Security disability attorney now so they can lay out your options and get to work building the best opportunity to ensure the odds of approval are in your favor.

    So don’t delay, contact us now to stack the deck in your favor for a change.


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