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    Insurer Treating You Unfairly?

    Is your insurance company ignoring your concerns, dragging their feet on your payout, disputing your damage estimates or simply not treating you with the respect you deserve? Our experienced Sandy damage claim lawyers will help ensure you maximize your payout and that you are treated fairly. If you suffered as a result of Hurricane Sandy contact us today to ensure your concerns are taken seriously. Our claims attorneys can ensure:

    • No Underpaying On Claim
    • Ensure Swift Insurer Response
    • Get Treated With Respect You Deserve

    Get The Compensation You Are Entitled!

    In most cases, insurance claim disputes are caused when insurance companies attempt to underpay on a claim based on their own interpretation of the policy. Remember, while your insurance company is there to protect policy holders in case of damages, they are also in business to make money, and after a disaster with an impact as widespread as Hurricane Sandy, they will struggle to survive.

    Following severe natural disasters, insurers have a record of underestimating damage assessments. Non-payment and underpayment of valid damage claims can and does happen, making it vital you have experienced legal representation fighting on your behalf. It's an unfortunate truth that you may need to force your insurance provider to pay you what you are entitled, and need, to get your life back.

    Your attorney will ensure that you fully understand both your rights and the limitations under your insurance policy, and will fight to maximize your payout according to your policy.

    It would be nice to think insurance companies will always do the right thing, in most normal cases, they will...

    BUT... the vast impact of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy is anything but normal.

    Homeowners, car owners and business owners are currently in the midst of filing literally thousands of claims with their insurance providers for damages sustained due to Sandy. Initial Property Claims Service (PCS) Hurricane Sandy damage estimates expected $11 billion in insured property and casualty losses, recent predictions have reached heights of $50 billion.

    Make Sure You Aren't Ignored

    With such a huge influx of filings, companies are understandably overwhelmed, but this large influx puts YOUR CLAIM in danger of being adjusted unfairly, mishandled, underpaid, delayed or even ignored. History has shown with similar disasters that insurers often handle the large volume of claimants following a disaster quite poorly.

    As the largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, Hurricane Sandy has caused immeasurable damage along the eastern seaboard, especially in the northeastern United States. New York, New Jersey and surrounding States were hit with incredible ferocity. Even a month following the disaster, the full extent of damage caused by the winds and flooding of Sandy is not fully known. Several States have created emergency funds for individuals and business to secure loans that will help them restore their property and get back on their feet following the disaster.

    You paid to protect yourself, your family, or your business from a disaster, not for them to drag their feet, bully you, or ignore the seriousness of your needs. You paid your premiums in a regular timely fashion, and we are here to ensure the insurance company holds up their part of the bargain.

    Our damage attorneys are standing-by, ready to help you. It is vital you act now, as time is limited for you to file a dispute, or submit your claim...


    Floods, Winds, Destruction

    Estimates range from 20 to possibly $50 billion in damage caused by superstorm Sandy. The hurricane hit coastal cities the hardest, but families and businesses inland felt the devastation.

    If you suffered any of the following, you need to speak with a claim attorney now:

    • Damage to business property
    • Personal property loss
    • Lost income as a result of the storm
    • Employment / job loss
    • Damage assessment disputed
    • Feel Delayed, Bullied, Ignored by your insurer
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    Get The Help You Need

    The following external links are a few of the recommended Hurricane Sandy relief services setup to provide additional help to storm victims. Your lawyer will be able to help you take advantage of resources legally entitled to you:

    Any of the conditions, when not identified and treated properly can lead to serious complications. Complications identified include heart problems, cardiac arrest, and death in some cases and the following when encountered after receiving treatment should be taken very seriously.

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    Limited Time To File Your Claim

    According to a recent Business Insider Sandy report, money insurers have available to payout to their policy holders may run out, and a number of families will find their requests denied, or face payouts much lower than they expect. Legal representation forces the insurance company to take you seriously, ensuring you are not lost among the crowd.

    One of the main purposes of your insurance was to get you back on your feet after suffering unexpected loss. Make sure the process is swift and complete. In addition to damaged property, you may be entitled to compensation for lossed revenues and income suffered as a result of Sandy. Businesses that were put out of operation or saw a drop in income may have recourse with their insurer. Our attorneys can help ensure you maximize your legally entitled compensation.

    Additionally, resources are strained to their breaking point. Long hours, frustrations, and never ending demands are leaving tempers flared and patience thin. BUT... that does not mean you should not be treated with the respect you deserve. Your damage lawyer will remove the uncertainty from the process of dealing with your insurer, and will ensure you are taken seriously and your concerns are met with the seriousness they deserve.

    If you were affected by the winds, rains, and flooding associated with superstorm Sandy, you owe it to yourself to protect your rights as a paid-in-full policy holder. Ensure you are protected and that you are compensated in full as your policy entitles you.

    If you feel that the insurance company has been treating you unfairly, they have underestimated your damage assessment or you simply are not being treated as you deserve following Hurricane Sandy, get your free legal case review today.

    Let your attorney fight to see you get paid in full so that you can focus on rebuilding and recovering your life. Act now, get your confidential case review, and get the compensation and fair treatment you are entitled.


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