Risperdal Lawyers Investigating Potential Adverse Effect Law Suit Claims (Learn If You Can Sue for Compensation)


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    Injury lawyers are investigating a growing number of side effect claims on behalf of a growing number of children who were given the antipsychotic risperidone and suffered adverse side effects including gynecomastia. There are already a number of Risperdal lawsuit claims have been filed. Share what happened to you with our attorneys here to go over your potential claim and learn your compensation options:

    • Get the dignity & respect you deserve
    • Learn your eligibility for recovery under the law
    • Hold J&J accountable for the trauma you suffered

    Treating ADHD with Risperdal

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the antipsychotic Risperdal for use in treating adults with schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder in 2002 and 2003. In 2006, the drug was approved for use in autistic children between ages 5 and 16 for irritability issues. The drug is classified as an "atypical" antipsychotic because it targets serotonin as well as dopamine along with Abilify, Seroquel and Zyprexa.

    However, those who made and marketed the drug (J&J) began to push it for those with ADHD and other behavioral problems, as well as for seniors with dementia.

    Doctors prescribing risperidone to ADHD children, is off-lable - meaning it never received FDA approval for this use. Prescribing a medication for off-label use is not illegal in itself, Risperdal lawsuit attorneys contend the families of young boys given the drug may not have been fairly warned of the risk for serious adverse effects.

    These uses were not explicitly approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and had not been fully studied in these age groups or for treating these complaints, children were put at risk for dangerous and humiliating side effects.

    Contact our Risperdal lawyer to talk about what your potential claim may entitle you to.

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    Risperdal Side Effects

    As the medication became more and more popular for treating men and pre-teen boys, more of these patients began to report male breast growth. Thousands of young boys who abnormally developed breast tissue filed individual lawsuits over the psychological trauma an humiliation they suffered as a result, alleging it was caused by their risperidone use.

    Many of these boys and their families are filing suits against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals in an effort to hold them accountable for their suffering and reach a settlement for what they experienced.

    A successsful risperdal lawsuit settlement amount helps with medical costs they've endured to diagnose and treat their gynecomastia -- but it's only part of the picture...

    The best risperdal lawyers know, after getting to know the families and victims, a successful suit is about more than just settlement money, they want the responsible held accountable for the humiliation and suffering of their children..

    According to the Risperdal lawsuits filed in court, the side effects of the drug included swelling and permanent growth of breast tissue (related to increased levels of the hormone prolactin which promotes the production of milk in pregnant women), pain and tenderness in the breast and discharge from the breast. These complications, when abnormally developed in male children, can result in serious psychological trauma.

    The excessive level of prolactin in male children who used Risperdal, according to a 2006 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, is thought to be linked to gynecomastia. This hormone is responsible for breast development in young women and for lactation in new mothers.

    Many of those most adversely affected are young boys, who seem to be more susceptible to the effect of prolactin than older men. A risperidone lawsuit hinges on the fact doctors may have failed to adequately warn parents of the possible risks.

    Some only experienced minor swelling and discomfort, but others have had much more extreme experiences, according to the Risperdal law suit court documents filed. In some cases, they developed breasts that were as large as a D-cup.

    Some men experienced more than mere discharge, as well. Galactorrhoea has also been claimed, according to the lawsuits. This unexpected milk production and discharge can be painful, as well as embarrassing.

    To learn more about filing a legal claim over what you experienced, share what happened with our personal injury lawyers now, to learn what options may be available to you.

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    Risperdal Class Action Lawsuit

    Johnson & Johnson, recently has lost three consecutive class action litigations over it's marketing tactics. In 2012, J&J was ordered to pay $1.1 billion in response to a claim filed by the state of Arkansas the company knew about the dangerous risks with risperidone and hid the fact from the public.

    In addition to this landmark verdict:

    • State of Louisiana class action verdict against J&J: $258 Million
    • State of South Carolina class action verdict against J&J: $327 Million
    • Dept. of Justice demands Johnson & Johnson pay to resolve complaints: $2.2 Billion

    Speaking with a class action lawyer, you may have a settlement amount waiting for you to claim.Whether you and your family would be better off filing an individual injury lawsuit or filing to join a Risperdal class action lawsuit will depend on the details of your case.

    In addition to the class actions, a growing number of individual Risperdal litigation claims have been filed against, Johnson & Johnson, and its marketing partner, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc..

    Contact our award-winning injury law firm today, they will be able to clearly, and simply lay out your legal options, so you can confidently decide what is the best decision for your family.

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    The Devastating Psychological Trauma

    The first successful lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen reached an undisclosed settlement on the first day of trial in September 2012 (Banks v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, No. 00618).

    In this case, the Risperdal attorney for the plaintiff described how the victim had been prescribed Risperdal between the ages of 9 and 14, before it was approved for use by those under age 18. He experienced severe psychological trauma due to the large breasts he developed, and he underwent surgery to remove the excess tissue.

    In the more than 130 suits that have been filed over alleged side effects, the plaintiffs' Risperdal attorneys have shared compelling, and heartbreaking, stories about the severe psychological impact related to breast development. This can include poor body image, humiliation, self-loathing, depression, social isolation and even suicidal thoughts.

    Many have also considered having the breasts removed or underwent surgical treatment. The surgical removal treatment options can range from light liposuction to a complete mastectomy.

    Our Risperdal litigators know, the impact is very real for the children affected. They offer compassionate legal help, and care about your recovery. A good law firm knows its about more than just winning in court, getting justice over what happened matters.

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    Risperdal Lawsuit Settlements: You Deserve Compensation

    In November of 2013, Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay $2.2 billion in penalties in a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice. They were facing criminal and civil fines based on their efforts to market risperidone to treat illnesses it had not been approved for and to age groups where it had not been tested.

    The filing also shows that the company concealed or downplayed the possibility of some side effects, including male gynecomastia. In the court documents, it states that Johnson & Johnson failed in thoroughly researching the possible risks of the drug. Long-term effects are not clear, especially where young boys or teens are concerned.

    Should I File A Lawsuit Claim?
    If you or your child was prescribed the drug and suffered negative side effects like gynecomastia, you may be able to recover surgical expenses and medical bills. In addition, your Risperdal lawyer may be able to claim awarded compensation for emotional distress due what you experienced.

    Filing a risperidone lawsuit may also be able to help you recover future medical expenses and future lost wages so that you can afford any ongoing treatment needed.

    Some of the compensation settlements that have been won are significant. Contacting a injury lawyer with drug liability litigation experience may be the first step in helping you achieve lawful recovery. Additionally, you pay nothing out of pocket. Your law firm will work on your behalf on a contingency basis. Meaning you only pay if you win compensation, if you don't win recovery, you don't pay anything. There are no legal fees if your suit is not successful.

    If you were affected by abnormal breast growth or other adverse complications, exploring your legal options cannot make up for the physical and psychological trauma you may have experienced.

    However, it can help provide your family financial relief, pay for treatment, and provide you some form of justice for what you suffered.

    If you have a claim, you are not alone. Contact our Risperdal attorney right now, it takes just minutes to share the details of your case below, and may be able to provide your family the exact help it needs.


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