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    A growing body of evidence has raised safety concerns about metal-on-metal devices. Our attorneys are reviewing potential hip replacement lawsuit claims from a growing number of people nationwide who may be able to sue the manufacturers for financial recovery for their injuries.

    You may be able to obtain recovery for the harm you suffered. Share what happened to learn your legal options now.

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    Defective Hip Replacements

    Instead of enjoying the promised mobility and improved quality of life, you face the harsh reality that a implant failure has caused extreme health problems and financial burdens. Attorneys representing metal-on-metal hip implant lawsuit plaintiffs have alleged the defective devices can lead to metal poisoning and a higher failure risk -- resulting in a number of serious complications for patients.

    Attorneys who specialize in hip replacement problems argue the device makers failed to properly test the implants and warn orthopedic surgeons about the risks. Thus in 2007 alone, more than 270,000 patients received hip replacement surgery, including partial arthroplasty, total hip arthroplasty, bilateral implants, hemi-arthroplasty and other procedures - a number of whom received metal-on-metal artificial joints.

    Jump forward to today, and the Food & Drug Administration has safety advisory for patients with metal-on-metal implants warning patients of adverse reactions: surrounding tissue problems, pain, corrosion, blood toxicity complications (metal poisoning), cardiomyopathy, impaired kidney functioning and thyroid problems to name just a few... (FDA).

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    Why all-metal implants then? Surgeons have been searching for a solution to painful degenerative hip diseases since the 18th century. Initial solutions included invasively cutting bone to realign the hip. Later, prosthetics were developed that were replacements for the hip joint.

    Eventually they found that ceramic and metal balls combined with ceramic or plastic sockets provided the best combination of strength, mobility, and tolerance.

    In the 1990s all metal hip replacements being marketed as the premier solution for hip replacements. For patients harmed, the law allows for people to seek compensatory damages, recovery for the costs of revision surgery and other medical expenses.

    What our hip replacement attorneys have since learned is that some devices can fail in as few as five years, requiring painful and expensive revision surgery. In addition, new studies are suggesting that metal implants can cause more complications than the earlier ceramic and plastic implants.

    If you suffered any medical effects and were implanted with an artificial joint named in any of the manufacturer recalls, share what happened with our hip replacement lawyer now to discuss available settlements which may be waiting for you to claim..

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    The Health Risks of Metal Implant

    These are a few of the known complications and symptoms associated with the use of all metal joints:

    • Decreased mobility and premature hip joint failure
    • Severe pain in the hip, groin or thigh
    • Inflammation and swelling
    • Loosening of the device
    • Bone damage
    • Infections (See Also: Implant Infection Lawsuits 2016)
    • Nausea

    Each case is potentially different. Share with your hip implant lawyer the specific injuries you experienced to learn if you qualify to file a lawsuit in pursuit of financial recovery.

    If your device has been recalled, you may be able to claim a settlement amount won from successful hip replacement litigation to be paid by the manufacturer for your suffering. Our personal injury lawyers are currently reviewing patient claims nationwide, and will be able to help you determine your options under the law.

    Even if you are unsure which hip implant you received, simply share what information you do have, and your lawyer will be able to help you determine if you qualify.

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    Hip Replacement Recall List (2016 Update)

    Recent years have seen thousands of lawsuits filed by plaintiffs' injury attorneys against metal hip product manufacturers. The FDA issued a symptoms report, and law offices are continuing to investigate a growing number of patient claims. To date, the latest hip implant recall information includes:

    • Depuy Orthopaedics' Pinnacle Hip Replacement System, ASR XL Acetabular System, and ASR Hip Resurfacing System
    • Zimmer Holdings' Durom Cup
    • Stryker Orthopaedics' Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II modular-neck hip stems
    • Smith & Nephew's R3 Acetabular System
    • Biomet's M2a metal-on-metal hip devices (M2a Magnum)
    • Wright Medical Technology's Conserve Plus

    Metallosis (metal toxicity poisoning) can result in a number of adverse health effects which may at first seem unrelated to your arthroplasty procedure. In addition to complications identified include heart attack, inflammation, pain and tissue damage - metal poisoning can cause neurological and psychological problems.

    If you believe you have a potential metal-on-metal hip implant lawsuit claim, contact our law firm now to discuss the next steps available and what a successful law suit can accomplish for your family.

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    Hip Replacement Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

    Settlements from successful hip replacement litigation can provide eligible patients a path to swift recovery without the delay of a long trial process. The following is a list of the faulty metal-on-metal hip device settlement amounts set aside to date to settle patient claims which you may be eligible to claim:

    • Johnson & Johnson - Depuy ASR & The Pinnacle
      $2.5 Billion Settlement 8,000 Claims - $4 Billion Set Aside
    • Stryker Hip Injuries - Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stems
      $1.43 Billion Settlement (Approx. $600,000 per filed claim)
    • Zimmer Hip Lawsuits - Zimmer Durom Cup Device
      $400 Million paid to date (Federal Litigation Pending)
    • Smith & Nephew - R3 Acetabular Metal Liners
      (Litigation Pending)
    • Biomet M2a Magnum Hip -
      $56 Million (~2,000 Lawsuits Pending)

    A number of hip replacement injury suits over metal-on-metal implants were consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) groupings to organize and make plaintiff claims of a similar nature. We'll keep this list updated as MDL attorneys continue to provide settlement updates for the various federal MDLs concerned.

    As opposed to a hip implant class action lawsuit, MDL cases are resolved individually but litigated as a group and can help streamline the process for claimants to get recovery in a mass tort scenario.

    Your hip replacement attorney will be able to clearly explain what the process of filing a claim entails, so you can decide what option is best for your family.

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    Your Hip Implant Lawyer

    Expert injury attorneys understand the very serious impact to victims and affected families. Your case is about more than just a large settlement or a jury victory. Justice matters... Holding the device makers accountable for what you went through.

    Revision surgeries, physical pain, medical effects have an impact on family and victims alike. Medical bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, constant pain, and emotional scars deserve to be addressed. You may have rightful compensation options under the law, and taking legal action can't undo the injuries you suffered, but may be able to provide financial relief.

    Your hip replacement surgery was intended to provide you a pain free existence and improved mobility promised. Instead your implant may have led to your suffering, immobility and a future living with daily pain.

    If you have a potential hip implant lawsuit claim you may be able to obtain compensation for the following:

    • Medical Bills - including doctor's appointments, medical testing, medications, hospital stays, revision surgery, and new hip replacement
    • Other Compensatory Damages - including care giving services and lost income
    • Pain and Suffering - physical suffering and mental and emotional suffering
    • Damages to relationship with spouse or significant other
    • Punitive Damages - awards meant to discourage similar conduct

    The initial legal review costs nothing and you are under no obligation to file an injury law suit if you don't choose to. However, if you do choose to seek rightful compensation options, you pay nothing out of pocket. You pay no attorney fees unless you win recovery.

    - If you don't win financial compensation, you don't pay -

    The suffering your family endured deserves to be taken seriously. A hip replacement lawsuit will ensure your suffering isn't ignored.

    Because of the large number of metal-on-metal implant lawsuit claims being filed, federal courts are centralizing the claims to help streamline the process. You may have a significant settlement waiting to be claimed for your family.

    It is vital that you act now, fill out the form below and share what happened to get a NO COST initial legal consulation now.


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