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Complete Legal Blog Content Service

Compelling news and blog content in your field attracts quality clients to your legal services, when it is done properly... Let us do it for your firm, so you can focus on practicing lawyering.

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Attorney Social Media Management

Engage Your Audience: Don't just join the conversation in your field, lead it... Engage your audience and create real impact for your firm, be the leading voice in your legal niche, while you are free to run your practice.

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SEO Website Audit Services

Know the best place to hide a body? The second page of Google. Turn your website into more than just a brochure, let us help make it a client generating machine for your practice..

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Pay Per Click Management

Are you bleeding money advertising online? Pay-per-click generates leads but how to compete profitably in such a competitive market? We can help you grow to dominance and reap the spoils...

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Attorney Website Design & Build

Specializing in law firm sites which represents not only how you want to be perceived in your niche, but REALLY will help you grow your practice and generate clients...

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Attorney Publicity Service

Get media attention, announce your latest case achievements, and confirm your position as a thought leader in your field--all on autopilot...

"We Helped One Law Firm Increase Case Leads by 10X   AND
slashed costs by 44% (In Just 6 Months)..."

Prefer to Do It Yourself?
Execution Plans, Trainings and Promotional Kits

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Marketing Execution Plans for Law Firms

We take the guesswork out of building your reputation and drawing new clients to your firm like a magnet. Give these action plans directly to your team, skip the learning curve, get the peace of mind they aren't just spinning their wheels any longer.

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Practice Success Trainings for Legal Professionals

We all know legal industry is incredibly competitive. Learn precisely what's working now to generate real clients. It's a whole new world, get a masterclass in the new tools available and how they can directlly help you achieve your goals.

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Power Tools - Marketing Shortcut Kits for Lawyers

Looking for a shortcut to look your best in your online efforts -- these instant implementation kits will help your small firm look like you have the resources of a large firm. Powerful tools for attorneys to market themselves more effectively.

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Exclusive Legal Case Leads

Be the first to receive top legal leads you want most on a per lead basis, subscription or other options. Fresh, live, real clients looking for the best attorney to represent them. Find out if you qualify to join our exclusive network today.

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Legal Leads Affiliate Campaigns

Looking for high volume, quality legal leads? An affiliate campaign is the nuclear option. Leverage an army of affiliates to help drive the clients you want to your services in droves. If you can handle the intake volume, we can discuss options...

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Whats Working Now To Generate Legal Leads

For legal professionals who want to keep their finger on the pulse of how top firms are winning more clients and how they can too. Stay up-to-date with the best and latest strategies that can improve your efforts. Email newsletter reports from the front line...

Now That We've Told You What We CAN Do For You...
Some Marketing We CAN'T Help You With

Confession time...

It's our belief that online marketing for legal professionals, at this time, offers a suite of incredibly powerful and cost effective ways to attract your ideal clients for your legal services. Moreover, it STILL represents a huge opportunity as most attorneys aren't even cracking the surface of the potential client base available to them.

We specialize in online performance and new media marketing strategies. It's easy to get myopic in the online era and erroneously believe this is the only effective sphere left for lawyers to engage their audience and acquire clients. It's not, and there are a number of effective, traditional means of acquiring case leads for which we simply aren't your best choice. A few powerful means of attracting clients we are not 'good at' and cannot offer include:

Referrals: Satisfied client referrals remain incredibly powerful in the new media landscape. Ensuring your clients are tickled enough with what you accomplished for them so they refer you to their friends, family and anyone that will listen is up to you. We can only help free up your time so you can dedicate more to being an exceptional attorney who exceeds client expectations in every encounter.

TV Advertising: People love to hate television commercials soliciting legal services--but they can be damned effective... Also damned expensive! Lawsuit commercial co-ops, video creation, and ad buys just aren't our thing. others are better and more skilled in this arena, our preference is to let the big law firms buy the space while we intercept the clients when they go online to find out more information. Higher precision, lower cost... However, we can provide referrals upon request if you would like to see your commercial on TV.

Billboards: The right ad, in the right location, and we've heard billboard advertising can be very powerful and cost effective. We just don't do it. It's my belief online banner advertising could be used to great effect to ensure your billboards are as compelling as possible to ensure higher contact rates, but at present we just don't use them.

Trade Shows: Attorneys are still effectively pulling quality clients from targetted trade shows and conventions. Stop only attending legal conventions (content to simply rub shoulders and trade stories with other lawyers), and set up a booth for your law firm to collect clients in an industry convention appropriate for your audience. Be a presence at the conventions your potential clients attend, better yet, send someone whose time is less precious. Happy to share what tips we've garnered over the years, but more than that we don't offer.

Print & Radio Media Buys: Radio ad spots can be incredibly effective, provide excellent demographic targeting opportunities, and can help build your firm's authority and standing in your city. Magazine ads, classifieds, newspaper spots, etc. for the right firm and the right service, also present a powerful marketing opportunity. We don't have the proper relationships in this area at present to offer you what could be classified as a game-changing deal. We'd only be the middle-man adding unnecessary costs, so in this case we'd better serve you by referring you direct to others.

Caution: Failure is An Option - Risk Exists

Ultimately, we do performance based marketing online because it's where our talents lay, and we wholeheartedly BELIEVE it to be the most effective, powerful means of getting you more of what you want as a legal professional --- when it is done with passion, finesse and a pinch of swagger.

We do everything we can to minimize risk and work to ensure your practice receives maximum bang for your investment. After hundreds of campaigns, the cold-hard truth is long-running campaigns can go cold, messaging can miss, ad dollars spent can evaporate with you office in-take left with nobody to speak with... It may be what you are used to experiencing and how you ended up here.

We are constantly building on the lessons learned from yesterday, and we pass on that expertise to minimize the risk to you, but the wildcard factor can never be eliminated completely -- don't trust anyone who says otherwise.

Furthermore... Not All Firms, Not All Lawyers Are A Good Fit

If you are a lawyer that cuts corners, aren't client focused, or if your firm files frivolous lawsuits or uses the law simply to bully and intimidate -- we aren't for you.

However, If you are an exceptional attorney who excels in your field and would benefit from having your marketing done right... freeing up more of your time to do what you do best, then we have a number of services and innovative products to empower you to reach your goals and grow your practice.

If after having discussed your needs, it doesn't feel right... If it's not a good fit... that's OK. This is a hyper-competitive market, there are tens of thousands clamoring for your business.

To those who qualify for our unique services, we look forward to many years in your service...


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