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    Filing For Divorce?
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    The truth is, noone wins in a hard fought divorce - families are torn apart, lives shattered. If you face a legal battle involving division of assets, liabilities, child custody, alimony support or the division of business interests, get the peace of mind knowing that your divorce attorneys are fighting tooth and nail on your behalf to ensure you receive fair treatment. Our lawyers:

    • Fight for a swift resolution - no drawn out, endless court battles when it can be avoided
    • Ensure your concerns are taken seriously
    • Guarantee you are treated with dignity & respect you deserve

    Ending Your Marriage...

    Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage through a court order. While each state has its own laws regarding how divorce proceedings can begin and what constitutes a valid reason for divorce, in general they are quite similar. Mental incapacitation and irretrievable differences between the spouses are commonly cited reasons for dissolving a marriage.

    Any time personal relationships are involved, things can get messy, emotional, personal. Cases that start amiably enough can quickly dissolve into chaos when significant assets, children, and alimony are being considered and emotionally laden situations discussed. When things get messy, your attorney will be there to keep a level head and ensure that your rights are protected. When called for, your lawyer fights to ensure your voice is heard, your concerns addressed.

    An irretrievably broken marriage is one in which there is no hope of reconciliation between the parties and it is in their best interests to dissolve the marriage.

    In most states it is not a requirement that the parties live separately prior to a divorce order being granted. Some states do require that at least one of the parties has residence in the state for a set period of time before petitioning for divorce.


    Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

    When the circumstances and finances of the couple are simple the divorce process is also typically quite simple and can even be expedited in some states.


    A friendly, seemingly simple separation can turn into a tense legal battle overnight, often seemingly without warning. Without an experienced attorney at your side working on your behalf, you may be left confused and dumbfounded to discover you have been stripped of everything you feel was yours by right. Don't make that mistake, your lawyer is there to ensure you receive a fair outcome.

    Debts also need to be untangled and divided accordingly. In some states, it is possible for one of the partners to receive alimony, or support payments.

    Many married couples have complex financial assets to untangle, including real property, business investments, retirement assets, and other joint assets -- in such cases your lawyer is there to help make sense of it all.

    Perhaps the most complex of all situations is when the couple has children. In these cases it is necessary to establish custody, visitation agreements and child support payments.

    When your children are on the line, and your future, are you really willing to simply cross your fingers and hope for a fair and equitable result?

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    Determining Child Support & Visitation Rights...

    In general, each state has its own calculation for fair assessment of child support, which accounts for the income of each party as well as the number of children and how much time they spend with each parent.

    The court will also consider special circumstances and may deviate from the written guidelines. State laws dictate guidelines, but it is an unfortunate fact that all too often visitation and support will be used by the opposition as leverage to gain concessions elsewhere.

    The wellfare of your children can get lost in the moment, its vital your attorney is there to ensure a fair result and ensure your rights as a parent are protected.

    If you have a special situation, an attorney can work on your behalf to influence to negotiate a more favorable ruling within the child support guidelines.

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    Reducing The Financial and Emotional Stress...

    The goal in any divorce proceeding is to dissolve the marriage while placing the least amount of financial and emotional stress on all the parties involved.

    An experienced divorce lawyer can help this happen smoothly and with a minimal amount of disagreements and lingering bitterness - while being capable of fighting tenaciously when your rights are being trampled upon.

    In an ideal situation, you will be able to reach agreements regarding all of your joint assets in an amicable fashion and will then simply require the signature of a judge to make the divorce final.

    But even if this situation describes you and your future ex-spouse, a divorce lawyer can help by mediating disputed items and by keeping you fully aware of your legal rights throughout the divorce proceeding.

    Because it can be expensive and emotionally draining to go to court, most attorneys will try to reach an agreement out of court whenever possible. This is almost always the quickest and least expensive option.

    Contested divorces can take a long time to finalize and are often messy.

    In a long, drawn-out legal battle, only the attorneys win -- it should be avoided if at all possible for the sake of all involved.

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    Get The Protection The Best In Family Law Can Provide...

    When it comes to the complexities of child custody, alimony, support, and asset distribution, you can't afford to work with just any local lawyer. Your life is on the line. The results of your case are just too important...

    As your case progresses, imagine the peace of mind, the confidence you can have showing up for your court dates knowing that you have the best U.S. divorce attorneys at your sife, ensuring your best interests are protected.

    You can end the uncertainty of whether you will be able to see your children, retain control of property you fought to acquire and a semblance of the lifestyle you have grown accustomed.

    You get answers to your pressing questions, and as the case unfolds you can be assured that you will get fair treatment.

    Our attorneys are well aware that divorce and family law changes frequently from state to state, ensure you have the right team to depend on experienced in not just fighting, but winning.

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    Let Us Protect What Is Rightfully Yours...

    Don't let your rights be trampled, don't be bullied out of what is rightfully yours. Let our divorce attorneys help make the termination of your marriage as quick and painful as it can be. It's time you had a champion in your corner for a change.

    The courts make mistakes, are capable of bias and unsound judgement. Let your lawyer ensure you receive the fair treatment you deserve, and that your needs are not ignored.

    Our lawyers fight on your behalf to protect your present and future welfare...

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