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    When Recovery Matters...

    You may have grounds for a potential lawsuit if you sustained injuries on a construction site and should contact our personal injury law firm right away to discuss your legal options.

    Share the details of what happened to receive a no cost initial case review and learn from an experienced construction accident lawyer what recovery options you may be entitled to under the law:

    • Don't let insurance companies steam-roll you, in order to pay less
    • Determine liability for the injuries you suffered
    • Simply and clearly lay out your loss recovery options

    Construction Sites: Hazards & Dangers

    There are a huge number of situations that can lead to a construction site accident. Safety laws put in place at the state and federal level are meant to limit the hazards and reduce the number of workplace injuries, however product defects, heavy equipment, carelessness, negligence and a failure to follow the existing workplace safety laws and regulations can still lead to accidents.

    Bottom line: construction is hazardous work.

    Some of the leading causes of accidents our construction injury lawyers encounter::

    • Insufficient or improper training
    • Insufficient safety precautions
    • Accidents involving cranes, hoists and harnesses
    • Improper equipment maintenance
    • Defective equipment
    • Collapsed structures, mechanical hazards, and compressed gas accidents
    • Toxic substance exposure
    • Explosions and fires
    • Slips and falls
    • Falling objects
    • Electrical and welding accidents

    If you or someone you loved was injured, share what happened with our construction accident attorney right away to learn your legal options. Working with heavy equipment can result in serious injuries with lifelong consequences.

    It can be vital for your suit to act quickly, so your legal team can gather evidence from your construction site accident before conditions change.

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    I Just Got Hurt, What Now...

    When you are injured onsite, there are certain steps that should be taken which can make a difference in your injury claim.

    1. First, get medical attention for the injury and then report the injury to your employer.
    2. Next, information should be gathered from anyone who witnessed the accident, details documented.
    3. Also, photos should be taken of the injury itself, the scene of the accident, and any equipment that was involved.
    4. Finally, speak to your accident attorney group to inform them of what happened so they can begin investigating your case and let you know what your legal rights are.

    After your accident, insurers may try to minimize the seriousness of your injuries.

    Additionally, in some rare cases employers (fearing legal & insurance consequences) can destroy important evidence, get rid of the heavy equipment which caused the accident, or hide it.

    More often, an employer may simply fix the defective equipment to prevent further accidents - but it may be important for your law firm to examine the machinery first. The best injury lawyers who specialize in construction accidents understand swift action after a can make or break a case.

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    Who Can Be Held Liable When You Were Hurt On The Job?

    When an employer carries workers compensation insurance they are immune from personal injury lawsuits (in most cases). Whether you can sue your employer will depend on the details of your situation. Expert construction accident lawyers need to be know how to navigate product liability laws, tort law, and understand workers compensation claims.

    If the injury was egregious or intentional a law suit may still be brought against your employer.

    In most cases, construction accident litigation is filed against third parties. Here are some of the involved parties liability may apply (your lawyer will be able to clearly lay which options apply in your case):

    • The construction site owner: Liability for the site owner is typically determined by the degree of control the owner has over the site rather than the degree of control over the work being done at the site.
    • General contractors and sub-contractors: These entities are responsible for providing a safe work environment and warning employees of any potential hazards under OSHA regulations. They are also responsible for ensuring that safety regulations are followed and that work on the site is being done safely. If they fail in any of these responsibilities and an injury occurs they can be held liable for damages and an injured worker can claim compensation from them.
      (Related: If your employer is violating OSHA safety regs and you wish to come forward, learn more about your rights here: Whistleblower Protection Lawyer)
    • Engineers and architects: These individuals may be responsible for observing progress and ensuring that the appropriate code regulations are being followed. An attorney can determine if an engineer or architect is liable for an injury by investigating their contract with the construction company.
    • Manufacturers and distributors: Any entity in the chain of distribution for a defective product may be held liable for injuries related to the use of that product.

    Determining liability after a construction job-site accident can be tricky - you deserve a legal team with a proven track record of success navigating the complex laws that may apply.

    Additionally, your attorney needs to understand the very serious impact potential death & serious injury caused by heavy equipment can have on victims and their families.

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    Construction Accident Claims Under The Law...

    If injured on a construction site you may be able to pursue any of the following legal claims with the assistance of your attorney:

    • Workers Compensation Claims: When an injured employee is seeking workers compensation, they may not also bring a lawsuit against their employer. Instead, they access the benefits entitled to them under workers compensation laws. In workers compensation cases, the injured employee only needs to prove that an injury occurred, the surrounding circumstances are irrelevant. Claimants may bring lawsuits against other third parties though to maximize their recovery of damages.
    • Personal Injury Claims: These claims are made to prove that some third party was responsible for the injury and that negligence was the cause of the injury. (See also: tort law & legal liability)
    • Product Liability: If the construction site injury was caused by a defective product or piece of equipment, the worker may bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer or distributor of the product or equipment.
    • Wrongful Death: In cases where a worker was killed on a construction site, the family may be able to claim and file a wrongful death suit in civil court in pursuit of compensation.

    These claims are not exclusive of each other, so there may be situations in which multiple claims may be filed. Each case is unique, after you discuss the details of your case with your lawyer, they will be able to clearly lay out your next steps and the construction accident lawsuit process.

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    What Is My Construction Injury Worth?

    Tremendous loss can be suffered to both victims and their families resulting from a serious construction accident. The incident can lead to psychological and financial pain, lost wages, lost earning potential, and a lifetime of medical bills. By suing for compensation, you may be able to recover damages for the following:

    • Wage losses
    • Medical expenses
    • Physical therapy and counseling costs
    • Damage to personal property
    • Living expenses such as mortgages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of consortium and life enjoyment

    After fatal construction accidents, no amount of recovery can make up for the loss to those left behind. The best wrongful death lawyers understand, in such cases justice matters. Finding out who was responsible and holding them accountable matters to those left behind.

    A successful legal action may be able to recover significant compensation which can provide vitally needed financial relief during recovery. You deserve an accident lawyer who puts your needs first, and isn't afraid to go to trial on your behalf if necessary.

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    Your Lawyer for Construction Accidents: Get Options, Answers, Justice...

    If you were hurt in a construction site related accident, even if you are uncertain about who was responsible for the accident, contact our injury law firm right away to discuss the lawsuit process and your legal options.

    You are under no obligation, and if you take legal action, if you don't win, you don't pay. Your accident attorney fees are contingent on successful recovery. The law office will be responsible for all costs in building your case, collecting expert witnesses, and trial expenses.

    Litigation won't be able to turn back the clock, and undo what happened to you. However, a successful suit may be able to provide much needed financial relief, and recompense you for a lifetime of lost opportunity.

    The best lawyers understand they work for the client, and are accountable to you. Your case is about more than just a swift settlement or successful jury trial. If after discussing your claim you don't feel comfortable, or don't want to take legal action - that's ok.

    However, if after learning your options you feel a lawsuit is the best option for you and your family, you deserve an award-winning construction accident lawyer to fight in support of your claim and help you achieve justice.

    Find out how this legal team can make a difference in your injury claim now.


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