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    All our hopes and dreams are symbolized by a newborn child to the family. When your doctor fails to live up to the standard of care during delivery, and either through negligence or incompetence it results in a birth injury to your baby, you may have legal recourse.

    Share what happened with our cerebral palsy attorneys now to find out what financial recovery options under the law may be available to your family:

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    There are approximately 8,000 cases of cerebral palsy diagnosed each year - roughly 10% of children born. Every mother knows, bringing a healthy baby to term requires overcoming a number of challenges, the risks are many. Every birth injury case is a tragedy - one too many.

    A moment's indecision, mistake, negligence or outright incompetence by the care providers you entrusted with the future of your family, is all it takes. Our cerebral palsy lawyers understand, the heartbreak is immense, the anger & frustration at the injustice of it all.

    The reality is, knowing who to blame, whether your doctor, OBGYN, hospital care, midwife, faulty equipment or any of the other factors involved, won't fix your baby's health problems. A successful cerebral palsy lawsuit won't undo the damage done.

    Ultimately, all birth injury lawyers can do is pursue financial compensation for the harm your child suffered, and fight to hold those responsible accountable. It's poor justice for a lifetime of impairment, but a settlement won can provide financial relief.

    If you believe your child's CP diagnosis resulted from the actions of your nurse or doctor, you may be entitled to file a medical malpractice lawsuit claim in pursuit of recovery.

    Compensation is not a cure for cerebral palsy, but it can help ensure your child's ongoing medical care costs, procedures, and health needs are seen to.

    The unfortunate reality, CP is a lifelong developmental disability which will challenge your family - presenting a staggering financial burden you may not have to bear alone.

    If your newborn was hurt, even if you are uncertain as to the cause, share the details of what happened and learn what a birth injury lawsuit can, and can't do for your family today..


    Suing for Cerebral Palsy: 'Staggering' Cost Recovery

    Because there is no improvement in children with CP, the expenses for caring for a child with the condition are lifetime expenses. A top cerebral palsy attorney understands the 'staggering' costs for affected families, and you deserve legal action which seeks recovery commensurate.

    Depending on the degree of injury, a child with CP may need outside care for their entire lives. The average lifetime costs of cerebral palsy care was estimated to be nearly $1 million in 2005. These are all costs associated with medical and personal care and are in excess of the normal costs a person without the disability would have.

    You need an experienced injury law firm working on your behalf, with a proven track record of successful litigation handling CP cases for families just like yours.

    The costs of raising and caring for a child with cerebral palsy include direct medical costs such as doctor's fees, medications and hospital stays as well as direct non-medical costs such as home and auto modifications and special education. Winning financial recovery ensures your child receives the proper medical care and equipment they deserve. (For prenatal birth defects: Spina Bifida Lawsuit Claims)

    There are also indirect expenses factored in, such as loss of wages because a person cannot work or is limited in their work. The future your child deserved was stolen, your CP lawyer fights on behalf of your family to recover some measure of justice.

    The true costs are actually even higher than the estimates though, as the estimates do not include such things as emergency room visits, residential care and out-of-pocket expenses for the family.

    Share the details of your potential cerebral palsy lawsuit to take the first steps in pursuit of recovery your family may be entitled.

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    Cerebral Palsy Brain Damage (Common Causes)

    A mother and her unborn child trust the medical personnel to provide safe care before and during delivery. There are several ways you can determine whether a medical error may have resulted in your child's CP diagnosis:

    • Whenever the birth uses vacuum extraction, forceps or an emergency caesarean section (C-Section), there is the possibility that the infant spent too long in the birth canal and may have suffered some degree of hypoxia (go here to learn more about brain injuries resulting from not enough oxygen). In some cases, the infant requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately after the birth, which is also a good sign that there was some degree of oxygen deprivation. This lack of oxygen is a known cause of cerebral palsy.
    • Seizures that occur within the first few days of life are also indicative of neurological problems and can result in CP.
    • If a neonatal specialist is called to care for the newborn, this is also an indication that malpractice may have occurred.
    • Other indications of possible problems include time spent in a neonatal intensive care unit, transfers to a different hospital after birth, or special tests being performed such as MRI's.

    If you have a possible cerebral palsy claim, your legal representation will be able to investigate the incident and may be able to help determine the cause.


    Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits: Determining Cause

    When the cause is not determined to have been congenital, there is a good chance what happened to your child was preventable. Your CP lawyers will investigate the details of your delivery, and help find out if your medical team failed to provide proper care in a manner which could have prevented brain damage.

    A thorough review of the case details can often reveal where a mistake was made. Your medical team may not have taken appropriate action quickly enough when your baby was in trouble, or more gross negligence may be involved. Every case is unique, and the best cerebral palsy attorneys know what to look for and are experienced at digging up the truth.

    Depending on the details of your case, you may be able to sue your doctor, sue the hospital or other involved parties liable for injuries suffered. Your legal representation will lay out your options, clearly and simply so you can decide what is best for your family.

    Of course, the compensation received from filing a malpractice suit will not restore the cognitive functions of your child, but it will ensure the trauma your child suffered is not swept aside. It ensures what your family experienced is not ignored.

    Malpractice insurance companies for the hospital, physicians involved, and medical personnel would often rather you just go away. It's common in cerebral palsy legal cases to hear from defendants: "It happens", "It Wasn't Our Fault", " We're Sorry, But"... If your baby was hurt, don't let yourself be bullied into silence.

    It's time you had all the resources of a birth injury law firm making sure your side is heard and your rights are protected, contact us now.

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    When you share the details of your case, the initial legal review is free, and you are under no obligation to take legal action. Simply discuss your legal options, and get answers about the lawsuit process.

    If you don't feel 100% comfortable, or if you feel your cerebral palsy lawyer is not the right fit for your family, that's OK.

    However, if you do choose to pursue your legal options, there are no up-front fees, you pay nothing unless you win financial recovery. There are no out-of-pocket fees, period. Isn't it about time you had a legal champion fighting in your corner, on your behalf, for a change?

    It's important you contact us now. The statute of limitations for cerebral palsy claims limits the time available you have to file a birth injury suit.

    Even if you are uncertain about the details of your case, you may have grounds for compensation under the law - let our legal team review what happened. You may be entitled to significant recovery which will help ensure your child medical care needs are seen to.

    Fill out the form below to the best of your ability, and take the first step in pursuit justice, and rightful compensation for the suffering your family has endured.


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