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    Serious burns can result in excrutiating pain & suffering, medical costs of treatment and specialist care can be astronomical, from skin grafts to physical therapy.

    Share what happened with our skilled burn injury lawyer, who will review your claim and determine whether a potential lawsuit may entitle you to significant financial recovery.

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    Burn Injuries... A Nationwide Danger

    Based on data from the American Burn Association, over 450,000 people seek medical treatment for burns every year. Of that number, 45,000 require hospitalization and 3,500 end up dead.

    Only auto accidents in the U.S. account for more accidental deaths.

    Meanwhile, for survivors, the pain associated with serious burns is often excruciating, and frequently leaves victims with psychological scars in addition to physical scars.

    The best burn injury attorneys know the overwhelming impact to the victim stretches beyond physical damage.

    Third degree burns, can result in disfigurement, excrutiating pain, sepsis, psychological wounds and burn treatment can necessitate skin grafts and numerous operations and medical procedures.

    Structural fires are the most common cause of injury though chemicals, automobile fires, industrial accidents, electrocution, severe sunburns and gasoline fires contribute to people getting hurt in the U.S..

    Share what happened with our top personal injury law firm, to find out how they can make a difference with your potential lawsuit claim. You deserve a lawyer who cares about your recovery, with a proven record achieving life-changing settlements on behlaf of clients just like you..


    Burn Injury Attorney for House & Apartment Fires...

    With 68 percent of all injuries caused at home, a house or apartment fire is the most common cause of burns in America outside of motor-vehicle accidents. These fires can result from gas explosions and fires, grease fires in the kitchen, electrical fires, and appliance fires, to name a just a few. The potential hazards in the home are many, and the consequences can be deadly.

    The conflagration of a house fire can be extremely destructive, the heat emitted capable of hurting people many yards distant, victims too close can expect extensive scarring, disfigurement and even death. Additionally, the hazards of smoke inhalation take as many if not more lives than the fire itself. Victims who survive can sustain injuries to the lungs, brain injuries resulting from inhalation, and other severe consequences.

    While some housing fires are caused by accidents, in other cases it is faulty gas lines and meters, faulty wiring, and faulty appliances that cause these tragic fires. Any fire should be reviewed for possible liability, especially when gas or electrical lines are the cause. Your burn accident lawyer will be able to investigate what happened and help determine liability in your case.

    If you are uncertain of the causes, but you were the victim of a fire and feel it may have been preventable, share what you experienced using our secure form to connect with a leading attorney to learn more about the injury lawsuit process.

    Your potential burn injury lawsuit may entitled to significant compensation which can provide the necessary financial relief so you can focus on recovery..

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    The Statistics Reveal A Nation Ablaze In Danger...

    • Medical treatment is needed for roughly 450,000 burn injuries each year.
    • 3,500 people die from burn injuries each year - see also wrongful death claims.
    • 45,000 people require hospitalization due to burn injuries each year.
    • Males account for 70 percent of all burn victims.
    • 68 percent of burn injuries occur in the home.
    • 44 percent of burns are due to fire. 33 percent are due to scalding.


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    Burn Injury Rule of Nines & Degrees:

    Characterized in the medical field by degree of severity, with fourth degree being the worst. Burn percentage in adults is calculated using multiples of 9 factored against the estimated body surface affected, and is used to help determine how best to treat burn injury.

    • First degree burns - Characterized by skin that is red and sensitive to the touch. There is little to no tissue damage and the burn does not penetrate the surface of the skin. Pain and swelling are typical with a first degree burn. A typical sunburn is one example of a first degree burn.
    • Second degree burns - Penetrate the skin and are characterized by blistering, swelling, redness and pain. In many cases the sweat glands and hair follicles are also damaged. If not properly cared for it can turn into a third degree burn.
    • Third degree burns - The skin becomes charred or translucent and the damage penetrates deeply into the tissues. Areas with third degree burns are often numb due to nerve damage; however, there may be pain due to surrounding second degree areas. Take a long time to heal and will cause extensive scarring.
    • Fourth degree burns - So destructive that they reach the muscles, ligaments and tendons are categorized as burns of the fourth degree. These are life threatening and can often require amputation.

    Liability does not depend on the severity of your injuries. When your burn lawyer reviews your case, whether the incident which led to your injuries was preventable or caused by negligence or in other covered activities will determine if you have grounds for a compensation lawsuit.

    If your suit qualifies, your lawyer may be able to pursue rightful compensation for losses incurred, damages over pain and suffering, medical costs and other damages.

    Share what you experienced with our skilled burn injury attorney to learn more about liability and the covered activities which may entitle you to recover compensation for what you suffered.

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    Burn Injuries & Causes

    If you were burned on someone elses property, and the property owner, company or business did not reasonably provide for your safety, you may have a case. If you were burned while on the job, your employers workers compensation insurance may entitle you to financial recovery.

    The most common causes encountered for injury:

    Electrical Injuries - These are caused by contact with high voltage electricity. Anyone working in the electrical field is always at a high risk for these injuries. The burn is the result of the electricity exiting the body. You may have grounds for a liability claim if proper safety precautions weren't taken, if the equipment malfunctioned, or if you were hurt while at work.

    Thermal Injuries - Occur when the skin contacts a substance or surface that is over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be flame, steam, hot liquids or hot surfaces. Most commonly encountered in industrial locations, factories, and restaurant employees. Your burn attorney will need further information about what happened to determine if you have a viable claim.

    Flammable Clothing Injuries - Although clothing in the U.S. must comply with the Flammable Fabrics Act (FFA), these injuries still occur. A type of thermal burn, they are especially dangerous as the flame spreads rapidly through the clothing, causing burns over much of the body. The cause will be the determining factor in deciding if you have grounds for a lawsuit claim.

    Automobile injuries - When auto accidents occur they are often accompanied by flames, which can cause thermal burns. Many of these fires can be caused or exacerbated by gasoline, making them very serious. An experienced car accident law firm is no stranger to severe burns along with the other catastrophic injuries often associated with collisions.

    Chemical injuries - Caused when the skin comes in contact with very strong acids or alkaloids. Laboratories and industrial plants often use strong chemicals and workers in these places are at high risk for chemical burns, and may be entitled to a workers compensation claim under the law. Many strong chemicals can dissolve skin and are difficult to wash off the skin. Equipment malfunction may lead to liabilty and provide grounds for a lawsuit in some cases as well.

    Radiation injuries - Can be caused by exposure to nuclear radiation, x-rays, ultraviolet light, sunlight and tanning beds, for example. Burned victims will be best suited by a legal advocate experienced with the specialized treatment and injuries which can result.

    Inhalation injuries - Caused when hot air from a fire, fumes from chemical spills or other toxic fumes are inhaled. Can cause an inflammation of the respiratory system, brain injuries, and death.

    Take the first step toward financial recovery, share what happened to learn your options and get the answers to your legal questions now.

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    Burn Injury Lawsuits: Scars, Skin Loss & Recovery

    Severe burns will cause scarring of the skin, the consequences of which can last a lifetime. Because of scarring the skin loses many of its normal characteristics and is unable to function properly, resulting in a number of health problems. Your injuries can have a lifelong impact, and any settlement or compensation recovered from successful litigations should reflect that.

    Some of the consequences of severe skin scarring include:

    • Loss of elasticity
    • Loss of sweat glands and the ability to perspire
    • Loss of the ability to regrow and repair
    • Loss of sense of touch
    • Risk of infection
    • Loss of ability to grow hair
    • Constant need for protection from the sun and other elements

    You deserve a burn injury lawyer who cares about your recovery, and understands the potential lifelong impact. Choosing the right representation matters. A successful burn lawsuit claim can't undo what happened, but it may be able to ensure you receive the treatment you deserve, free from financial concerns.

    You need a law firm willing to fight passionately on your behalf, a legal champion in your corner, who understands winning matters - your future may depend on it.

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    You May Be Entitled To Significant Burn Injury Compensation...

    If your injuries are the result of an accident, someone elses recklessness, negligence or if they could have been prevented, you may be entitled to significant recovery. Make no mistake, the insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to limit their liability and lower what they may be obligated to pay.

    Your attorneys will be responsible for investigating what happened and building a case in support of your claims. Depending on what happened a swift settlement for your injuries may be negotiated, other cases require going to trial in order to fight for maximum compensation under the law.

    There is no charge for your initial consultation, and you are under no obligation to take legal action. If your potential injury lawsuit qualifies, and you choose to take legal action, you pay nothing out of pocket. There are no upfront attorney fees, and if you don't win recovery, you pay nothing.

    Isn't it time you had a legal champion in your corner?... Working on your behalf, fighting to ensure your rights are protected, your needs and concerns aren't ignored...

    Let your legal advocate fight to hold those responsible for your pain & suffering accountable. Let us help you get the justice you deserve, while you focus on recovery.

    Share the details of your case today with our burn injury lawyer, take the first step to getting the justice you deserve now...


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