6 Medical Mistake Reports Which Led To Amputation Lawsuit Claims

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Think your doctor is infallible?

Unfortunately, medical mistakes happen.  Surgeons can and do sometimes make mistakes, hospitals can fall short, unfortunately when the stakes are this high, with very tragic consequences.  In this report we share just a few instances when the unthinkable happened – resulting in loss of limb (and other body parts) allegedly by mistake.

The following medical malpractice lawsuits, jury verdicts and news detailing injury victims who suffered amputations and other harm.

A Roundup of The Unnecessary, Wrongful, Negligent and Mistaken Amputation News

Woman Sues Kaiser Over Lost Leg: Award $28.2 Million — A Southern California woman was awarded $28.2 million by a Los Angeles jury in a lawsuit over a portion of her spine, half her pelvis and right leg being removed which plaintiff’s attorneys argued resulted from doctors delaying an MRI request by her mother which would have diagnosed her pelvic cancer and possible saved her leg from needing amputation.  [Napa Valley Register]

Lawsuit Claim: Penis Amputated by Mistake — An Alabama man is suing Princeton Baptist Medical Center following a circumcision surgery gone horribly wrong, resulting in amputation, a risk he wasn’t warned of, this according to the plaintiff.  The complaint filed accuses the defendants of medical malpractice, negligence and wrongdoing according to the report. [nyDailyNews]

Three Visits to Emergency Room: Four Limbs Removed — A lawsuit has been filed in Baltimore Circuit Court by a woman who had both legs and arms amputated.  According to the report, the plaintiff visited the Howard County General Hospital three times complaining of severe pain in 2012, assumably with little done until the third visit she was diagnosed with a severe infection and gangrene requiring her limbs to be removed.  “Physicians squandered multiple opportunities to get this right,” stated plaintiff’s attorney Howard A. Janet.  [BaltimoreSun]

$62 Million Awarded Double Amputee in Medical Malpractice Case — A routine stay in the hospital for a laparoscopic procedure resulted a severe infection, blood poisoning and gangrene which put the plaintiff in a coma and resulted in the amputation of both legs below the knee.  According to her lawyer, the doctors punctured the intestine during the procedure which caused the infection.  The woman woke from her coma to learn her legs had been amputated.  A Brooklyn jury awarded the plaintiff the $62 million for medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering incurred from her injuries. [InternationalBusinessTimes]

(You can learn more about the doctor diagnosis mistakes here.)

Needless Amputation Lawsuit Filed In Los Angeles — City of Hope Hospital in Duarte finds itself the defendant in a lawsuit just filed by a woman whose complaint alleges she was not given required vaccinations following a marrow transplant which led to the spread of sepsis, and resulted in the amputation of her toes, a number of fingers, and may yet result in the loss of her feet.  Attorneys for the plaintiff allege the pneumococcal sepsis could have been prevented if the hospital had not failed to administer the vaccinations.  [KTLA]

Wrong Leg Amputation Blunder Leads to Patients Rights Bill — Mr. King checked in to University Community Hospital with the intent of amputating his right leg, it being diseased.  The doctor mistakenly removed the wrong leg.  The case has led to Mr. King being associated with a Florida bill which may result in Hospitals being made to make public their patient injury rates.  Following the wrong-leg amputation, Mr. King had his diseased right leg removed, and is now learning to walk with prosthetic limbs.  [LA Times]


As patients we entrust our health and well being to the doctors who care for us.  In the majority of cases they far exceed our expectations and reward that trust with excellence.  Ultimately, when surgeons or the hospital staff we entrust our care to fall short, the consequences are tragic.   When healthcare workers fail to provide reasonable care or are found to be negligent, civil claims may be an option to demand justice.   If you suffered an amputation or medical injury you feel could have been preventable, share your medical malpractice injury claim in order to get a free lawsuit case review from an attorney experienced in amputation injuries today.


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