Bair Hugger lawsuit complaint information

Complete Hip and Knee Infection Lawsuit Information Over Bair Hugger Joint Contamination Claims

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A pair of recent lawsuits have been filed in courts nationwide alleging that a device frequently used during surgery may lead to life-threatening hip and knee infections. The Bair Hugger Forced Air Warming system is often used to keep patients warm in the operating room, but according to paperwork filed in litigation against device manufacturer […]

trump sues univision for breach

Trump Strikes Back: Sues Univision Over Miss USA Broadcast for $500 Million

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks on the campaign trail have already begun to have an impact on his business partnerships, and he is countering the widespread opposition with legal action against several former allies. Because of controversial remarks about immigration, a number of companies have recently severed their ties with Trump. These include the Spanish-language […]

2015 Xarelto lawsuit info update

Xarelto Lawsuit 2015: Case Update Information

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The multidistrict litigation pending over the blood thinning medication Xarelto has moved into pretrial proceedings in Louisiana’s Eastern District, with U.S. District Judge Eldon E. Fallon presiding. The lawsuit, filed against Bayer and Janssen Research and Development, alleges that the drug’s manufacturers were aware of increased bleeding risks and failed to adequately warn patients who […]

most common car accident injuries explained

The Most Common Injuries In Car Accidents?

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Did you know its common to feel unhurt after an accident, only for more serious symptoms to present later? It’s true, a number of the common injuries in car accidents can take time to exhibit following the crash.  The shock of the incident can hide injury symptoms, and some impact damage to the soft tissues […]


Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Narrows California Resale Royalty Act In Latest Decision in Artist Class Action Suit

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A recent court decision weakened the nation’s strongest laws protecting artists’ pay. The California Resale Royalties Act, put into place in 1976-1977, offers resale royalty rights to artists whose work is purchased then later resold in California.  It previously also provided royalties to the artist if the seller was a resident of the state but […]

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